Graduated from university, found a job and went straight back to college

And so my story(telling) begins…

Growing up I never particularly liked going to school. That great white building always felt like quite a strange place to be: too crowded, too dogmatic and definately way too serious. But I always loved learning.

And most of what I’ve learned, comes directly from hearing stories. Whether they were about my family’s history and told by my grandfather or penned down by a great novelist… they fed my imagination and my soul.

Yet everytime we reviewed a book at school, it always felt as if we had to deconstruct the characters in order to understand them, instead of shaping them and their world.

So if you would have asked the 15-year-old-Kaia where she would have seen herself ten years later, ‘at school’ would probably not have been the answer. Still, here I am, after graduating from University and working as a copywriter, I’ve enrolled in ‘digital content and journalism’ at Artevelde University College Ghent.

While I’m not on a mission to become a ‘student-for-life-type-of-person’, I’m here because this programme pushes me to become a better storyteller. It teaches me to think outside the box and provides the tools to do so. Or as Tony Bennet would say: ‘The Best is Yet to Come.

We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school.
- Bruce Springsteen, Badlands -

So sit back, relax and join my ride!