Littlstar Free and Premium Updates

First, we want to thank the community for all the sign-ups and the helpful feedback on the premium packages we announced a few weeks ago. We’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback, and many people have direct messaged us and thanked us / paid us for our work. So, we THANK YOU!

Below we will go into the pricing / feature updates, then point out a list of things that the full time engineering team in NYC has been building for the last 4 years to support not only streaming on PSVR, but Daydream, Oculus, Vive, Windows MR, Gear VR, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android, and the web.

On to the good stuff:

  1. We are extending the introductory rate through March 31st, allowing users to lock in the reduced rate of only $1.99 a month billed annually or the option to pay month to month. This premium full access package grants you all features, forthcoming updates, all new UPnP support, cross device support coming, RSS support and improvements, AR Holograms…and more.
  2. We have created a one time price for side loading functionality for $39.99. This will be a limited time offer available through March 31st only, and gives users unlimited access to USB support to enjoy their personal content on their PS VR forever with support. This provides unlimited hours of entertainment. You asked us for a one time payment, so we’re giving you one.
  3. We are extending the preview time on side loaded videos from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for free accounts. This enables most short form content to be enjoyed on the basic plan, while longer form content and more robust streaming experiences can be unlocked and receive developer support.
  4. Users on the free plan and premium plan will still be able to view and enjoy all of the Littlstar curated content from our top tier partners like NatGeo, Disney, WWE, Fox, Sony, Syfy and others. We are working on adding more in the future.
  5. We are working on a desktop app that will have UPnP built in, and also allow you to not only manage your personal content, but you’ll be able to purchase content from the network and download it to own. Movies, music, games, etc. You can also be rewarded for becoming a host, or peer, of that content for others to purchase and download. You can use the rewards you gain to get free content or put it towards a premium subscription. The platform powering it is called Ara.

Since we’ve received some questions about what else is in our ecosystem and technology stack, we want to give a shout out to the entire Littlstar team who is extremely talented and has worked very hard to bring an innovative platform to the world. To give a bit more context on what it takes to support immersive and traditional content across devices, here is the stack:

  • 360 / 180 / 2D / 3D / 4K / fixed frame video support, UPnP support, transcoding multiple formats in the cloud and with an external tool we provided, cloud compute, storage and delivery optimization with AWS zones setup and managed globally, game engine development in Unity and lower level C, Java, Open GL, Web GL, XCode, etc, DASH, HLS, ARKit, ARCore, random video support coming in from RSS, spatial audio / ambisonics, payment processing, P2P distribution and rewards so we can start giving you free stuff, database management / replication, countless design / UX iterations, website management, caching / optimization, dev ops, job queues, reporting, email newsletters, social media / marketing, HR/Ops, customer support, and events… Our GitHub also has some open source stuff.

Thank you again to everyone for the support. Lots of people are already signing up for the subscriptions, as well as the one time payment option. We’re excited to be incorporating new features and functionality, like Ara, which will give you even more options to get great content on any device, and own that content.

Much Love,

The Littlstar Team


The World Revolves Around You

John Anthony Mugavero

Written by

Co-creator of Ara Blocks, Founder / CEO of Littlstar, Co-Founder Galvanize, Adviser at DEC & MyndVR, SMU Graduate, BS Computer Engineering, Mathematics.



The World Revolves Around You

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