What about Medium in 2023

Fabrice Liut
Liut Design
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1 min readAug 12, 2023


I am not writing here anymore for more than 4 years because I moved to Substack.

My digital garden gathers some public notes that will grow and update over time : jardin.liut.me

I continue to appreciate Medium articles and contents as people writing here but I can’t play all in on this platform.

Sometimes like today, during summer, I like to say «hello» to people crossing my account here and redirect you to : liut.substack.com

My digital letter, my free blogging space, is 80% written in French but it will evolve in the future.

So.. let’s see you there!

Why do I choose substack over medium?

  • I can own my followers mails
  • More people agree to follow a newsletter than a medium account
  • I am not totally dependent of a platform
  • Substack platform is becoming great with chats and notes added : it’s like a Medium with a slack and a Twitter integrated
  • The medium algo don’t push My article anymore to my followers so… nobody can discover what a write about..