Interview with coach Erica Duran — “A strong overarching goal that you believe in makes it easier to achieve all other goals”

Shimon Lazarov
Sep 1, 2017 · 4 min read

LiveCoach interviews coach Erica Duran

Listen to the full interview:

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Erica focuses on helping people build businesses online so they can work and live from anywhere. She has been travelling full time since 2012. She helps clients build all the elements that go into having a successful online business, including website, email, funnels, social media platforms, as well as the actual launch phase of the business. Setting up the marketing, packaging, sales conversations, etc… She has worked with many service-based entrepreneurs, and professional organizers.

What is unique about Erica’s approach

Erica’s approach doesn’t include any blueprints or formulas. The whole business is built around the client’s desired lifestyle, personality and passions.

When a client first comes aboard, they get a welcome packet that gets them thinking about what kind of business and lifestyle they want. This lets them hit the ground running as soon as they want to. Erica has clients that come from a corporate 9–5 background that want to quit and live the life they want, but don’t know how to make it happen. She also has clients that are small business owners that want to make more money, but don’t exactly know how to make that happen. Once a client has their own business they can start making more money within 4–8 weeks.

Common themes that are holding people back

Sometimes people think that setting up their website, lead magnets, logo, etc, is all you need to set up your business. According to Erica those are only the systems you need to have in place, and this is a sign that you are relying too much on the internet to passively bring clients to you in an automatic way. Launching the actual business involves sales and marketing techniques, and making human connections that are necessary for people to actually sign up.

Major misconceptions that clients have about coaching

Patience is a very important thing. Most people don’t start making money on the first week. Maybe the message or customer that you are trying to reach is not perfect at the beginning. You have to keep tweaking it until it works. A common misconception is that all it takes to make money is to have a landing page. Sometimes clients see Erica as their therapist because they are working on all their challenges and issues that are holding them back in their business. Sometimes clients don’t recognize how their attitudes towards money or towards competition in the marketplace are holding them back. Working with the mindset of the client is a large portion of becoming that person that earns $10K — $20K per month.

Major breakthrough with a client

Professional organizers sometimes see themselves as a glorified housekeeper, and are not valuing their service as much as it’s worth. Two of Erica’s clients make $20,000 a month, and before working with Erica they were making $30 per hour. All it takes is for them to package their services right and position themselves in the market in the right way.

The most important factor

Time management and productivity is the most important thing in succeeding. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, cook good food, or even doing outreach and marketing, you won’t be successful in your business. Time management is the most important platform that you need to have in order to succeed.

It’s important to focus on one overarching goal

The people that are interested in getting coaching, usually need to work on many areas. You need to have lots of energy and be fit in order to be an entrepreneur and deal with all the challenges of that career path. It’s really hard to be that disciplined and change all areas of your life at once. Customers should focus on an overarching goal that you are looking for and is going to be the domino effect and feed into all your other goals. Maybe you want to have a business to make more money to have the freedom to experience your relationship to the fullest. Or maybe you want to get healthier so you have the energy to have a family or build a business. Without an overarching goal it’s too hard to focus enough to do everything.

Usually when you start taking care of one problem, the others become easier. If you take care of the money, your relationships become better. Or if you take care of your health, your business will perform better. The customer will usually tell her what is the most important thing for them.

One exercise Erica does right away is mapping out the ideal day of the customer. What do they feel, what do they taste and smell, what are they wearing, who do they talk to, how do they work, etc… They can even use pinterest to create their vision board. It’s important to look at this in a very detailed way. Within a couple of months to a year, the clients start living their perfect day more and more often.

Sometimes, people who have no experience have an advantage because they don’t have to unlearn the bad practices that have gotten them mediocre results until now. If, however people have prior experience, Erica works with them to help them “unlearn” what is not working, and learn the new practices that it takes to succeed.

The difference between working with a coach or learning it on your own

Free resources are good at showing you the “why” and the “what”, but don’t give you the “how”. Sometimes the information is out of order, so you can implement it in a wrong sequence. It also has gaps that will not allow you to implement everything in the most efficient way possible. A good mentor can help you implement everything in the right order and get the maximum productivity. When Erica finally invested in coaching everything turned around for her. Someone external who can look at what you do and be critical about it, can be a great help in really getting better results.

To work with Erica, visit her profile.

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