WE, the Class of 2020, Launch-ed!

The beginning of our MBA journey!

A three day retreat with the entire evening and weekend MBA class of 2020 at the beautiful university campus in Berkeley marked the beginning of our three year journey. Oh what an event! Three days of unlimited coffee, lectures, discussions, activities and a truckload of information to process. While the day’s agenda rivaled that of any high-profile politician’s foreign trip, the evening gathering quickly morphed into a party that led to an after party and then there was the party after that!

If there’s one thing I learnt at WE Launch, is that people at Berkeley are super-friendly! The culture is evident, they aren’t afriad to quote their four defining principles and write them down in bold. As you step into the Anderson Auditorium at the Haas School of Business, you know you have some shoes to fill. And the sheer amount of resources and the level of access to help you do just that, even as part time MBA students, is staggering. Interested in personality development or improving your dragon boat racing skills, we have you covered!

I’m sure we’ve all heard a lot about Diversity and it’s importance, but seeing it in play at Berkeley was an experience to remember. I could never predict the outcome of a group project, no one could! Activities such as building lego items, putting together a skit or a team sport that requires co-ordination reminded us that we can only do so much alone. But together, we’re so much more! Haas taught us that we aren’t talking about Diversity because of its economic benefits or enhanced creativity, but simply because it’s the right thing to do, period.

When 253 of some of the bright rising stars across industries actively choose to devote three years of their life outside work, family and other commitments to an MBA program, there’s something special going on at Haas, watch out!

Go Bears!