Corbusian / Modular Man

My Hippocampus vs Corbusian Man

and a messed up sense of Space & Time

First 2/3rd of my life, I grew up in the same space. But in the last decade or so I have been away from that familiar space for various reasons. Now every time I revisit—the space i grew up as a child—for a brief one or two week in an year, I get a feeling of the space to be smaller than the previous visit I made. The stairs, the rooms, tables and chairs, doors and windows, switch boxes and the bathroom fittings, kitchen platform, fridge, cupboards and racks everything has become miniature. Even the floor seems very far from where I stand. Everything looks zoomed out, like viewed from a 10mm wideangle.

Its like Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver entering a Lilliput space. The Lilliput I would have been once, climbing the same stairs, living in the same rooms, sitting on the same chairs and walking through the same doors/corridors and looking out (and in) from the same windows, even climbing on the big kitchen platform to get some hidden food treasures up there on the top rack.

All the while, not realising that I was lucky enough to grow inch by inch. The sense of space in my hippocampus being so strong, even today I expect the space to be in proportion to my little self.

Few nostalgic forces conflicting with your present spatial perceptions, playing with your mind about the space and time, causing an illusion of being a child in a grown up.

Totally disregarding Le Corbusier’s figura humana.

Music Boards of Canada
Visuals Melissa Olson ©Warp Records

Ending with a small four minute video — visuals and sounds of which takes you back in the days of your very own space exploration. Making me think whether mankind is still in a womb.

Images: Wikipedia