Journal submissions open

Over the past three years, The Level Collective community has grown organically through Instagram. We’ve been blown away by the encouragement from people who share our heartbeat for adventure, original design and ethical values.

We are excited to announce the Live Level Journal where our community will be able to share their stories of Adventure, Design and Change and we’d love you to be a part of it.

How it works

We are seeking story submissions to publish on our journal within the categories of Adventure, Design and Change.

These stories can be from an upcoming trip, or a trip you’ve just returned from in the last few months.

Submissions can range in length but we would love to see some photos and videos to create a fully immersive viewing experience.

What we’re looking for

Adventure — We want to hear about your trips to unique places and incredible experiences that are a little different. Places where you’ve discovered a hidden gem, a breathtaking view, a magical forest, or a secret cove.

Design — We’re interested in hearing about other creative design projects and hearing from makers who are creating authentically crafted awesomeness.

Change — We’d love to hear about your stories of social impact, whether that be local or international volunteering projects, sustainable efforts or global issues, lets get the word out!

You will be notified asap if you will be featured on the LIVE LEVEL JOURNAL.

Submit your journal story idea

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