38 People Share What They Really Think About The High Socks Trend

When I was 12 years old (and Disney Channel Summer Sports was still a thing), I remember watching Miley Cyrus dancing on the stage in booty shorts and white thigh-high socks and I’m pretty sure I fell in love. Not so much with Miley, but with thigh high socks.

I’m usually one of the last people to hop onto a trend train. So even though my love affair with thigh high socks is now in full swing, up until this past year I was adamant on sticking with my crew socks.

Admittedly, it wasn’t until I started dating my husband a few years ago that I began to discover the world of thigh high socks. While walking through a Forever 21 together one afternoon, he grabbed a pair of black thigh highs with a band of white on the top, and (very nonchalantly, I’m sure) mentioned that he thought I’d look really good in them and thought I should maybe start wearing them.

Since then, they’ve become a staple in my fall wardrobe. And it wasn’t just because my now-husband suggested I give them a try. Really, I’d thought about it before, but like most girls and trends, I just needed that push, saying that I’d probably look rockin’ in them (I do).

In conservative Utah, where I live, a lot of people still haven’t adopted this trend. And while I’m definitely not surrounded by it, I do think it’s here to stay. So, I asked around and conducted a poll on my Twitter, asking people what they really thought of Thigh High Socks, to see if I was alone or not.

On my twitter poll, 14 votes were casted:

36% said “I love thigh highs.”

36% said “*heart faced emoji*”

21% said “No.”

and 7% said “I have 0 sex appeal.”

gifs 1

Of course, my Twitter reach isn’t as large as I’d like, so I also conducted a poll that I had my friends send around. The results?

24 people came to my rescue and shared their opinions.

8 of these people voted “I don’t care”, and when asked to elaborate, they said:

“I don’t try enough to look good.”

“I think they can be cute with the right person, but I can’t pull them off.”

“Probably really cute for some people. I prefer knee high socks.”

“I wore them in Catholic school, and it was really embarrassing! It’s hard to shake that now.”

gifs 2

Fair enough.

10 voted “*heart face emoji*” (which is where I consider my own vote as well).

I wore them on NYE and I’m obsessed.”

“This is so sexy on a girl.”

“I feel sexy when I wear them, even if it’s under a long dress.”

“When I wear them for my boyfriend, I love seeing his jaw drop.”

“They make me feel sexy to wear with a short dress, but I’m really not showing much leg.”

gifs 5

There were 2 votes for “Ew.”

I have fat thighs and toned calves so they look weird on me.”

“Not outside of clothes.”

gifs 3

And lastly, 3 votes for “Please stop this trend.”

“It seems a little trashy. Personally, I’d rather wear pants.”

“Eh, I’m just not about it tbh.”

“Unless they’re slightly visible above thigh high boots. They don’t keep your legs warm. Just wear pants and stop screaming for attention.”

gif 5

Personally, this is a trend I’ll continue to wear, because I wear them for me — and occasionally my boo. ;) And while everyone is obviously entitled to their opinions on the matter, I say screw the haters. If you feel fabulous, wear them. If you don’t feel fabulous, don’t wear them. What do you think about this trend?

Featured Image via IAdoreFashionn Tumblr.

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