13 MORE Tips And Tricks To Master Live.me

The first ‘29 Live.me Tips & Tricks’ has been so popular we’re doing 13 more. Also, as a fun extra-credit project, if anyone creates a dope YouTube video based on either of these Tips & Tricks blog posts, we may pick our favorite and send the creator some Live.me swag. You all are so creative!

More basics:

  • You can now connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to your profile page.
  • Right before you broadcast, when entering a title, you can change the broadcast thumbnail by clicking on the image shown. (Improved function.)
  • You can also toggle your location on/off in the top right-hand corner of that same screen before broadcasting.

Even better:

  • Have you seen the Shop.me store buttons in some people’s broadcasts? You can buy merch while they’re live, but you can also replay those videos and still get to the store.
  • Shop.me will come to more and more users and get even better soon.
  • The new leaderboard and rankings have more details and now show ‘Most Diamonds,’ ‘Most Popular,’ and ‘Top Fans’ on a daily, weekly, and overall basis.
  • There’s a ‘do not disturb’ option in the settings which will automatically mute notifications from 10pm–8am.
  • SHOWS! There are regularly scheduled shows each week which you can find in the app (from the featured banner) and on the web.

For the curious people:

  • Currently you must be using an iPhone to start a Beam (along with meeting the other criteria). It’s not personal, we love Android devices — so hang tight.
  • The order people show up in the list of people wanting to be a Beam guest is in order they requested, from first to most recent.
  • There are currently 100 levels of experience people can achieve. What level are you?
  • Broadcasters can make viewers administrators and give them the ability to block people. (A broadcaster will see the option when clicking on people’s name while live.)
  • Multiple people can be administrators.
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