29 Tips and Tricks You Need To Know About Live.me

Whether you’re brand new or a long time power-user, there’s probably something here you didn’t know about Live.me.

Starting with the basics:

  • Gifts are bought and turn into diamonds for the broadcaster.
  • Diamonds turn into dollars once you reach ~40,000 [check the settings page for a conversion tool].
  • Hearts reset for each broadcast, but on your profile you can also see the total hearts from all broadcasts.
  • The diamond totals keep accumulating, even after you cash out or exchange for coins.
  • The wings in the top fan section is called ‘Guardian Knight.’
  • Broadcasters can use live filters like a panda, crown, cat, or others during broadcasts. These will change from time to time.
  • You can click on hashtags to see others with the same interests.
  • Following people is the best way to find out when they start broadcasting. You’ll get a notification.
  • You can pull down on the comments and scroll to see older ones.
Treasure chest drop

Hey, that’s cool:

  • A treasure chest costs and distributes 600 coins to people watching the broadcast. The 30 fastest people snatch up a random amount of coins.
  • Even if you didn’t get coins from a treasure chest, clicking on the “snatch” button will show who won, and how many coins they recieved.
  • The daily leaderboard is updated automatically and regularly.
  • A Live.me user is called a broadcaster.
  • You can do a flying comment by tapping the megaphone in the text box.
  • If someone is being rude, you can help everyone out by tapping on their name and clicking ‘report.’
  • If multiple people report them, they get a timeout.
  • Everyone can get fans. Once you receive a gift in a broadcast those people become fans.
  • Videos are saved under your profile. You can share them before, during, or after a broadcast.
  • Live.me star is a special reward for active broadcasters.
Level screen

But did you know:

  • You can swipe right during a broadcast to remove the comments and animations. Swipe left to bring them back.
  • You can swipe up and down from one broadcast to another.
  • The in-app gifts will occasionally change and new ones will appear. (Be sure to swipe left and right in the gift area.)
  • The numbers next to people’s name is their level.
  • The higher level you are, the more special features your account has access to.
  • You can tap anywhere on the top half of the screen to give hearts.
  • You can also hold your finger down on the screen to keep sending hearts.
  • Top fans showing up at the top of a broadcast are the tops ones currently watching live.
  • After tapping the broadcast button, you can tap on the image you see to give that broadcast a new cover image before going live.
  • How do people get verified? You can find the criteria in the settings (under your profile tab).
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