7 Christmas gifts any live broadcaster would want

For those living the live video lifestyle, here are a few products that make broadcasting easier.

1. Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger — $9

A compact USB charger for the car is key for broadcasting from the passenger seat. This one is great because it has 2 ports, charges devices fast, and is only $9. [Amazon]

2. Elago Wood Stand — $20

This stand works for nearly any phone and any tablet, not to mention it looks good when it’s not being used as well. [Amazon]

3. Elago Aluminum Scratch-Free D Stand — $20

iPhone users, here’s an alternative stand which will also charge your phone while broadcasting. As a bonus it should charge any Apple-lightning device you also have. [Amazon]

4. AUKEY Ora Lens — $25

This clip-on comes with 2 lens, a 140° Wide Angle and a 10x Macro one to place on top of your phone’s camera. The wide angle one is really helpful for getting multiple people to fit on a broadcast. This should work on iPhone, Samsung, and most other devices. [Amazon]

5. Fluxmob Bolt2 — [$58]

You can always use more battery life and the Fluxmob Bolt2 is pretty cool. Not only is it compact, it has 2 USB ports for multiple device charging and also features wall-charging built-in. When it runs out of juice, stick it right in an outlet to re-charge it. It also works as a charger for you devices besides being an external battery. [Amazon]

6. Rode VideoMic Me — $59

Audio quality can always be better and having a microphone is a way to get that on the cheap. This mic should work with any mobile device with a headphone jack, for iPhone 7 users there also lightning options (Shure $149). [B&H]

7. Selfie Ring Light — $10

Just like audio quality, good lighting is really helpful too. Here’s one option which will work on-the-go. [Amazon]

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