Can millennials unknowingly predict a presidential election outcome?

Updated below on 11/9/16

Kicking-off our political-leaning live broadcast series with JustKiddingNews, added two new virtual gifts — Hillary and Trump.

Beyond the weekly broadcasts and the election season, there wasn’t a context for how viewers should send the gifts, which were available to every user, in every broadcast.

Would the gifts be sent in support of each candidate or would they be used ironically?

Since the community heavily resides in the 13–30 year-olds, this was a chance for those under the voting age to — intentionally or unintentionally — case a vote.

The final results won’t be in until November 8th, but so far, over the course of 20 days, the Trump gift has edged out the Hillary one — 163,533 to 152,825.

If we look at Google Trends for Trump and Hillary over the same period of time, the results roughly match up.

And for fun, here are the Google Trends results for Pantsuit versus Pompadour:

UPDATE 11/9: Donald Trump has been elected President

At the final count, it looks like using gifts modeled after the two candidates was able to give a good indication of who would win. At the end there was more than 450,000 gifts sent.