Featured Livecasters: Seth & Andrew

Hopefully you’ve seen Seth & Andrew pop up on the Live.me feed at some point and watched a broadcast from them. If you haven’t, the main thing you need to know about the two brothers is that they like to blow things up!

Here’s Seth answering a few questions so you can get to know them a little better.

How long have you and your brother been creating videos together?

Andrew and I have been making videos around 4 years.

What’s the fascination with blowing things up or making them explode in some way?

Haha. I think he and I both enjoy visually appealing videos and explosions just tend to be that for us. A lot of our YouTube videos are action packed and contain quite a few VFX elements which means that the explosions ect aren’t real. So when we can create real explosions, we are all over that.

What’s your most memorable broadcast on Live.me?

Our most memorable Live.me stream would have to be when we did the rubber band challenge with a watermelon. It took probably 300 rubber bands and about an hour of work but when it exploded all over the place, it was totally worth it.

What’s your advise for people looking to better their live broadcasting skills?

Our advise for bettering broadcast skills would be:
  • Be consistent. Set a schedule and stick with it.
  • Do something besides just sitting and talking to the camera. Go out and do things that will entertain your audience. Much like a show.
  • Go and watch other broadcasters and interact with them.

What other accounts across the internet should people know about?

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