Going for the world’s longest live broadcast

UPDATE: Congratulations to Gharet Starke who was live broadcasting from Monday December 19th through December 26th — a total of 153 hours.

“It was much harder than I expected,” said Gharet. “The hardest, I think, was finding time to sleep. People wanted me on through the night and others through the day.”

Do you have dreams of keeping a low profile during winter break? Gharet Starke has the opposite goal. Starting Monday December 19th, Gharet will be attempting to broadcast live for 7 straight days.

“I was doing a long stream and I wondered what the longest stream ever was,” said Gharet. “I found out that it was 6 days, 6 hours and I thought to myself that I could do that with my family’s help.”

As for what he’ll be doing, he says there’s going to be a lot of things, obviously.

“I will be doing dares, embarrassing myself, games, coin drops, giveaways, reactions to scary movies/games, stories about my travels, holiday stuff, reviews, interviewing interesting people, and much more.”

Be sure to follow 😎Gharet Starke❤️️ on Live.me and keep checking with him to cheer him on and keep him company.