Top Broadcaster Rankings on Tubefilter

After establishing as an important platform in the live broadcasting space in 2016, we’re now taking the next step to celebrate the top live broadcasters.

The Top Broadcaster Rankings, put out by Tubefilter, will highlight the must-know accounts on on a weekly basis and provide recognition for those emerging live video digital stars.

The rankings are calculated based on the amount of time viewers spend watching their broadcasts, volume of virtual gifts received, and the overall interaction rate across their broadcasts.

The individual charts like top diamond earner, gifter, and fans inside the app won’t be replaced or go anywhere. Instead, the Top Broadcaster Rankings are an additional way to see a weekly ranking of the top 50 broadcasters on a top digital entertainment publication.

Be sure to share the list, check back each week, and tag those who made it!!

You can find the first week on Tubefilter: