Share champion contest

Official Contest Rules:

Contest begins at 12:01am Pacific Standard Time (“PST”) on March 27th, 2017 and ends at 11:59pm PST on March 30th, 2017 (the “Contest Period”)

How To Enter:

During the Contest Period, either ask fans to share your broadcast, or share the broadcast you’re currently watching.

Winners must be users during the entire Contest Period.

Here’s how it works:

It’s easy! There are two ways to enter and win, whether you are a broadcaster or viewer:

  • As a Broadcaster, ask your fans and viewers to share broadcasts to Facebook
  • As a Viewer, share broadcasts to invite friends to register with

What you can win:

  • As a Broadcaster:
  • Become Social Royalty! The Top 1 Share Receiver during the Contest Period will be honored as The Social King or Queen and will be added to the Who-To-Follow List for 24 hours
  • As a Viewer:
  • Receive 25 coins for each friend successfully registered with your shared broadcast link. The more friends registered, the more coins received!
  • If you hit milestones of 10 registers, 20 registers, or 50 registers, receive bonus coins
  • 10–500 coins
  • 20–1000 coins
  • 50–3000 coins
  • Become a Social Soldier! The Top 1 Friend Inviter during the Contest Period will be honored as The Social Knight and can choose to either be added to the Who-To-Follow-List for 24 hours OR Receive an extra 50,000 coins


  • Shares of each broadcaster from an account will be counted only 1 time in the ranking list in one day; However, one account can share as many broadcasters as he/she wants
  • Users can also invite friends through the feature in their Personal Profile page, in addition to sharing broadcasts to Facebook
  • Broadcasters can both ask fans to share their broadcasts and invite friends to sign up for to raise their chances of winning the game (ad a Broadcaster and a Viewer)
  • This Contest is void where prohibited. Users must abide by the Terms of Service and Community Policy at all times; any User found to be in violation thereof, in’s sole discretion, may be disqualified from the Contest.