Why You Should Have a VPN

With all the recent data breaches in the last few years and the continual climb of data theft, do you think you’re safe by not at least doing the basics of using a VPN?

So let me first say that I’m someone who cares about security but was always concerned by how complicated it looked, I was legitimately amazed by how easy it all turned out to be. Like a lot of you I grew up watching movies where techies were almost god-like in their ability somehow type at 1000 words per minute in order to go through hordes of data to catch the criminal or secure their servers. But after learning more about cyber-security I found that it’s actually not hard, anymore.

For the most part, we no longer have to worry about fully understanding networks, and we not longer have to understand how set up secure servers. In simplistic terms, there’s an app for that.

Note: In this article I’m going to give a brief overview of the features rather than an in-depth explanation. That will be in a future article.

What do VPNs offer you?

First there are many kinds of VPNs but then one most of us will think of will be the one that creates a secure tunnel from the user to the endpoint. It then sends your information through the tunnel, encrypted and with a different IP address. This is the main function we all understand as VPN. But what other features do VPNs offer and why are they important.


Streaming Services

If you’re a Canadian Netflix subscriber and are constantly jealous or your neighbours to the south having all the good shows then you’re not alone. I’d like to say most streaming services block certain regions from watching other regions approved shows but it’s more likely they all do that. There is an understandable reason why this is, from a show not being approved in the country, to government banning it to content licenses not allowing for distribution in another region. Whatever the case it’s real and one of the best ways to circumvent that is to use a VPN. The VPN, if you connect to server in the specific country that is hosting the show will allow you to watch what was previously restricted. This is applicable to any streaming services you may think of that geo-restricts.


Unfortunately, there are still countries that censor the voices of the people and we’re not talking about stopping someone from screaming discriminatory remarks, we’re talking about someone having legitimate complaints about the government is abusing it’s people. VPNs, though not 100% safe, allow for a more security in trying to bring awareness to the state of things.

My Thoughts

In my personal opinion you should be using a VPN. It makes you more secure than you ever were before even if all you use is a VPN. With the continual climb of easy to use hacking programs to the point we’re it’s literally become a one-click to hack we all need to start taking online security seriously. So if for nothing else, get yourself a VPN, I specifically recommend, if you currently use Protonmail to consider ProtonVPN. If not, ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access are others that I have heard good things about and haven’t made the news in relation to having unsecured servers.

So remember even if you aren’t some cyber criminal, you can still make use of VPNs to secure your online usage from the cyber criminals looking to scrape your information and use it for their nefarious means.



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