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11 Simple Ways to Make an Introvert Happy

It’s easier than it may seem!

Anastasia Shch
Nov 14 · 5 min read

What doesn’t talk much and socializes with a dog at a party? You’ve guessed it right! An introvert.

So, what are the chances that you have introverts among your friends? The studies estimate somewhere around 50% of the population to be introverts. And yet the world is ruled by our outgoing opposites!

Living in an extroverted world is simply not easy. From early days in school to the modern business world — introverts need to adapt to the fast-paced and loud environment to be able to fit there and be somewhat competitive.

Let’s be honest — life as an introvert isn’t as bad as some may picture it. With the increasing awareness about the social differences between various types of people, extroverts and introverts are learning to coexist in a way that is beneficial for everyone.

Yet, introverts don’t always succeed in communicating their needs clearly (even between themselves), which can complicate things, especially for their friends and loved ones.

Introverts can be somewhat controversial in what they want, so this list is supposed to help those, who care about their fellow introverts, to understand what’s going on in their minds and how they can make them happy.

Give them space

Give them your favorite book

Invite them to events, but don’t expect them to come

Inviting an introvert to a social event is not just a polite thing to do even if you know that they will not show up — it is showing that you care about them. And being okay with them not coming — is showing that you accept and appreciate them the way they are.

Don’t call them

Story of my life by Meme Collection

Tell them how much they mean to you

Actually, any person would benefit from this little reminder.

Let them speak

When introverts find themselves in a comfortable and secure space (probably just hanging out with you one-on-one) where they can easily express their ideas and talk about things they care about, they become fantastic companions. With active listening and encouragement, you can have the most profound and fascinating conversations with them.

Respect their alone time

Drag them into social interactions from time to time

Make the first step

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Don’t try to change them

Make emotionally-draining plans together and then cancel

Disclaimer: Not all introverts are afraid of phone calls. Not all introverts like reading. Not all introverts loathe social gatherings. Learning about what your introverted friends really like and asking them how you can make them feel secure and happy is a more sure way to show your appreciation and caring.

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