3 Steps Leaders Can Take Today to Become More Happier

Happiness and success are intangible concepts.

Bryan Collins
Nov 17 · 3 min read
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Do you want to earn more money, get a promotion or quit your job and retire early?

Or would you like to start a seven-figure business? Or would you like to spend more time minding your kids?

One man or woman’s happiness is another’s misery.

I love writing for an hour or two each morning, but I’ve met entrepreneurs who hate the idea of being left alone with their thoughts for that long.

Top romance novelist Danielle Steel said, “I want to die face-first in my typewriter.”

Her habit of writing for hours every day at the exclusion of all else resulted in over 179 books.

Now I love writing and it makes me happy but not in the same way or with the same intensity as Steel.

That probably doesn’t answer your question though…

I spent the past year interviewing entrepreneurs, leaders and CEOs of six and seven-figure businesses.

I wanted to know how they can become so successful at work. I know it must be down to their habits.

Did they meditate?

Did they work out?

Did they consume 30mg of protein every morning?

Perhaps I could try whatever potion or elixir they recommended?

The search for a quick fix is real.

Here’s what I learned from them:

1. Effective leaders know when to stop working

I used to believe that succeeding at work meant putting in seventy and eighty-hour weeks at the office, chained to a desk or in long meetings.

After interviewing these CEOs, I was surprised by how many find time in the mornings to drop their kids to school or prioritize leaving work on time so they can eat a meal with their families.

Yes, they work hard and often start early or put in a few extra hours late at night after family time, but they also ring-fence hours away from the office.

They even find time for hobbies like martial arts, tennis, running, swimming, yoga, painting and basically pursuits unrelated to their day job.

2. Effective leaders rely on a team

Let’s say you want to become more productive at work because you’re angling for a pay-rise or promotion.

It’s easy to say “It’s faster for me to do it, I don’t need any help.” And perhaps it is.

That’s what I used to do.

I learned from these CEOs it’s harder to cultivate a habit of handing over the outcome to another person in your business. It’s harder because it’s more valuable.

Effective leaders know they can’t succeed alone so they spend time enabling teams to succeed.

That helps them lead a successful business.

3. Effective leaders plan and prioritize

Most of us start and end the week based on someone else’s priorities. Emails. Other people’s meetings. A last-minute request.

We put out fires as quickly as they arise. Or at least, we try too.

Effective leaders set aside an hour on Fridays or on Sundays to review what they do and what lies ahead.

This review process enables the leader to decide what to do more or less off. They also prepare for important meetings (or time off) in advance.

They know what the value and prioritize that before some else does.

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Bryan Collins

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Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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