7 Powerful Questions to Ask for a Fulfilling Life

Ask these questions daily and often.

Chris Teutsch
Jan 8 · 5 min read
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If there’s one thing I wish school taught me it would be the skill of choosing better thoughts.

The only thing we ever have control over are the thoughts we choose to think. They can make or break our happiness. Thoughts are the rudder of our mental ship, steering the direction of our lives.

Asking these questions will inspire other empowering thoughts which will help fuel your growth and progress.

What Brings Me My Highest Joy?

We get one life. There is nothing more important than knowing what brings us joy and feeling as good as we can while we are here.

Knowing the experiences and activities that make you smile is essential.

We are so good at knowing what we don’t like and can rattle them off quicker than a hiccup. Yet, we are terrible at identifying the things that make us happy and fulfilled. How did we get so bad at that?

So let me ask you: What makes you happy?

What fills your soul with bliss and makes your heart sing? What do you daydream of? What makes your heart smile?

Find out these answers. Then, do them often.

What Does the Best Version of My Life Look Like?

Clarity is power.

If you know what you want then you have a target and a clear vision for your life. A comprehensible path toward the desired result is key for personal growth and progress.

Create a picture of the life you desire. Write it out in detail.

What does your life look like? What dreams are now a reality? How much money does this person have? Where do they live? And so on.

Then, you must ask the question…

What Steps Can I Take Today That Will Move Me Toward My Dreams?

What would the best version of me do?

How do they act? When do they wake up? What are their core beliefs? What habits and behaviors do they possess?

Are they disciplined? Do they give in to instant gratification or can they delay it for their long term goals?

These questions help you define your future self. As a result, they can help you change and refine your current behaviors.

And as we know, behaviors turn into habits and habits build our future.

If you think thoughts that serve your highest self, thoughts that advocate the life you desire, then you can take the right actions now and pave the way toward your vision.

Let your goals dictate your behavior and then get to work.

How Can I Be of Better Service?

Society, as a whole, is focused on what they can get.

The question that’s on everyone’s mind is: “What’s in it for me?

But things only get better when we get better. As individuals and as a society.

The old model of living has led us here: A culture that is overwhelmed by negativity. A public that is stressed, depressed and lacking hope on all fronts.

We need to give more.

Giving heals and soothes our soul. Choosing to serve and help another human can give us our perspective back.

Helping someone less fortunate than us makes us realize how truly blessed we are, causing us to say “Thank you” more.

So give more. You’ll feel better and you’ll inspire others to pay it forward too.

Am I Chasing Perfection or Progress?

Perfection is an illusion. It isn’t attainable. Why? Because things can always be better. So the very act of trying to be perfect is futile.

Now, chasing perfection? That’s different.

In reality, you aren’t focused on achieving perfection. You’re focused on progress instead.

Tony Robbins has said that progress runs parallel with happiness and I have to agree.

When we are focused on taking steps, we feel fulfilled on the journey. However, when we are focused on achieving certain titles, levels, or statuses (like perfection), we lament until it’s accomplished.

The problem of living this way is that we practice the art of non-fulfillment and that becomes our habitual state of being.

So even when we do accomplish the goal, we won’t feel true fulfillment. Just temporary satisfaction that fades.

Perfection is a level. Focus on progress and you could exceed the level beyond what you deem to be “perfect.”

How Can I Improve by 1% Today?

Piggybacking off of the previous question, progress, and growth is what will yield fulfillment.

So each day ask yourself this simple question:

How can I improve today?

Intentionally think on this and whatever you’re currently doing, plus it by 1%. Just a little bit.

If you lift, do one more rep.

If you run, go a minute longer.

If you’re in sales, make one more phone call.

Doing one more yields growth faster.

This simple shift will compound over time, creating so much improvement by the end of the year.

Do I Appreciate Those in My Life or Do I Take Them for Granted?

Take note of how you treat others in life.

I’m a big believer in the phrase, “How we do one thing is how we do everything.

Knowing this, how we treat those closest to us can predict our future. How so? Because how we treat them is how we will eventually treat everyone.

We must remember that people matter. If you treat the closest people in your life with a lack of love and appreciation, then that becomes habitual behavior. And our habits wind up creating our lives.

Relationships are key to our happiness in all realms of life. Whether it’s romantic or work-related relationships, they contribute massively to our happiness or heartache.

How you treat others, consistently, will determine the state of your future. Don’t make the mistake of missing people if they are taken away.

Choose to give love and kindness. Choose to be present and give value to anyone who comes into your circle.

Your soul — and life — will have deeper meaning, gratification, and fulfillment.

Final Thoughts

Questions scare most people. That’s because they’re focused on the unknown and the fear.

However, when you choose to use questions that help you focus on serving you and empowering you, you can transcend the level you’re currently at.

Remember to ask these questions for a deeper level of fulfillment:

  • What brings me my highest joy?
  • What does the best version of my life look like?
  • What steps can I take today that will move me toward my dreams?
  • How can I be of better service?
  • Am I chasing perfection or progress?
  • How can I improve by 1% today?
  • Do I appreciate those in my life or do I take them for granted?

Use these questions as a starting point.

Refine them to fit your specific goals and desires. Then, execute on them. Act. Do. Implement and apply. It’ll help you reach new levels of happiness and fulfillment.

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Chris Teutsch

Written by

Actor. Motivator. Martial Artist. Fitness Freak. Creator of Hustling4Happiness.com

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

Chris Teutsch

Written by

Actor. Motivator. Martial Artist. Fitness Freak. Creator of Hustling4Happiness.com

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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