7 Things To Do When Life Feels Meaningless

Same shit, Different Day.

Syera Weah
Nov 17 · 5 min read

The other day I looked around and noticed that most people wake up, go to work, eat dinner, sleep and repeat the cycle-365 days.

It seemed like our minds were on auto program to this lifestyle. From family to friends, coworkers, strangers alike: we all lived a monotonous routine, day in and day out.

Life felt meaningless- like one big cycle of repetition, surrounded by people with weighed eyes, and a loss of enthusiasm for life.

I wonder if this is the American Dream I grew up hearing about? Where everyone worked to make a living, yet failing to make a life.

Life had become nothing more than people pursuing further education, seeking a higher paying job, starting a family, or sharing their highlight reels with ‘ fake’ friends they’ve accumulated over social media.

But the passion in one’s eye that expressed the love and zeal for life was absent.

People were merely existing

It felt like people were doing things due to the societal norm that was put into place before they were born.

Those who were pursuing further education complained about how much work they had, and how difficult it is to manage their academic and social life.

I never saw the passion in one’s eyes for what they were studying but felt a strong sense of urgency of them wanting to be done in order to move to the next phase of their life.

Those who worked complained about the job they had.

They expressed their hate of having to spend eight hours working with people that worked their nerves and taking on projects they had no passion for.

It appeared to me that no one did what they love.

Most people I encountered lived their lives with a sense of urgency, eager to reach a future destination or trapped in nostalgia, where life was once euphoric.

I wonder why is that.

Why is it that we are fascinated by a future that has not happen, but fail to realize that this MOMENT was once the future we were fascinated about?

Moments that give life meaning

There were moments where I saw glimpses of genuine joy on people’s faces. Moments that give life meaning.

A moment where a baby is born to a family that was once told that the mother could not conceive.

A moment where a child runs to his father and embraces him in a tight hug, after not seeing him for five years due to active duty.

A moment where a man gets on one knee and expresses his love, and asks his girlfriend to marry him.

During those moments, the past or the future didn’t matter. Time froze, and the sense of urgency was absent.

photo by kinga cichewicz on unsplash

People were living

Then it dawned on me: Why do we have to wait for special moments to create joy and meaning to our lives?

Is there a way in which we can live feeling joy, loved, and bring meaning to our lives?

I think so.

Here are 7 Things To Do When Life Feels Meaningless

Live with Intentions

Living with intentions is about knowing your “ why” behind the things you do and examining every area of your life to ensure it aligns with your why. Your why is what fuels you, gives you energy and purpose for your life.

Without this why, you’d find yourself busy being busy, with a decline of joy in your life.

Without this why, you’d become a victim to everything life throws at you, making life feel meaningless.

A victim to comparison.

A victim to doing things because everyone else is doing it.

A victim to living a life that is not your own-but a life that is shaped by the ideals of family, friends, or society.

Living with intentions is the act of taking actions and making choices that moves you closer to the life that you want.

It is the act of seeking to know and understand the reasons behind your actions.

For example, if you were to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I pursuing my current career/job?
  • Why am I with my partner?
  • What drives me?

What would your honest response be? How would your responses make you feel?

Did it bring you joy and satisfaction?

Did you feel guilt, shame, fear?

Whatever it is that you felt, explore that feeling.

If the answer to these questions doesn’t bring you joy and happiness, then maybe this a guide to push you to examine your actions and adjust.

Photo by Sean Kowal on Unsplash

2. Do Something That You Love Everyday

To create meaning in your life, make a commitment to yourself to do something each day that you love. Let this be one of the defining factors of your day.

Tomorrow is not promised, and today could be your last. The more you do what you love, the increase of joy and happiness you feel within.

Doing something each day that you love can be as simple as :

  • Reading a book that brings you joy
  • Spending time with a friend or family member
  • Creating Art: painting, writing poetry, dancing
  • Watching an episode of your favorite TV show
  • Going for a walk

3. Practice Gratitude

A life of meaning is led from a heart of gratitude. It’s the act of showing appreciation for what you have and being thankful for the little and big things that happen in your life.

As Oprah said :

Be Thankful for what you have; you’’ll end up having more. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

4. Build Real Connections

We were made for relationships.

Daily, strive to unplug and build real connections with those around you. A meaningful life is shaped by the connections and interactions you create with others.

It is shaped by the memories and moments where you can be your authentic self with friends, family, and people you meet.

Our soul craves connection. Unplug, and connect.

5. Pursue Continuous Growth

When we start to focus on what everyone else is doing, we stop investing in our growth. For a meaningful life, never cease to invest in yourself, and take on opportunities in which you can grow.

6. Live In The Present Moment

The present moment is all we really have. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not promised. Embrace the present, for it is the only moment that ever exists.

7. Love Without Expectations

Love others without expectations. Without a Because. Love others from an overflow of love in your heart.

The world needs more love, be someone who helps others experience genuine love and care.

And today, I looked around and noticed that more people are making the decision to create a meaningful life.

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Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

Syera Weah

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I write to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves. You can connect with me on https://www.instagram.com/syeralove/ or syeralove.com

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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