8 Reasons Obesity Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

Anirudh b
Anirudh b
Jan 24 · 3 min read

The Surprising Truth about your weight is that you are not able to check it on a regular basis. A regular check will make a person understand why he is gaining weight.

No child is born obese from birth. This starts to happen during teenage days as you start ignoring your eating habits.

people with obesity have to face restrictions in doing things. They are not able to climb stairs or do bending works.

These restrictions only increase if the person is not taking care of his health. people become prone to health issues.

These are some of the reasons why Obesity will change the way you think about Everything:-

Chances of Cancer

Any person having excess weight increases the chances of cancer. A good number of deaths happen around the world because of cancer.

This happens usually because of poor eating habits and lack of physical activity. Obesity will make a person prone to many types of cancer.

Mental Issues

Obese people are more likely to face mental issues like anxiety and mental disorder. Also, they have a strong chance of having dementia.

People with higher BMI develop dementia than those with normal weight. Obesity affects a person’s thinking capacity and is not able to think fast in a given situation.

Joint Pains

people with obesity have major joint pain in their bodies. It happens because of Excess weight and effecting tissues protecting the joint.

A person with regular joint pain will not be able to take part in any physical activity. The only solution for improving the joint condition is to lose weight.

Sleeping Disorder

People with this problem are not able to sleep and have issues like breathing. This could be because of excess fat stored around the body.

Making it difficult for a person to rotate and does not have a good sleep. This results in accidents be it at work or driving.


Sugar is a big enemy for any person with obesity. Sugar contributes to weight gain. Regular consumption results in excess weight gain in a person.

Overconsumption of Food

Food availability results in excess consumption of food. Junk food is available in the market and costs less. people prefer to indulge in junk food and this results in over-consuming food.

Poor people have only this option with them and they only consume junk food for their very survival.


People on medication with a high dose of medicines have a high possibility of gaining weight. There are many drugs in the market which increase weight.

They actually make a person gain weight because of the side effects of the medicine.


Genetic is important for children with obesity. children of obese parents are much more likely to become obese. This also has a large effect on what the children eat.

If the child is able to have a balanced diet. Then there are chances he will not gain weight.

These are some of my viewpoints. Please leave your comments or likes or dislikes.

Cheers !!!


Live Your Life On Purpose

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Anirudh b

Written by

Anirudh b

Writer in the Making !!! (anirudh.bhaiya@gmail.com)

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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