An eye for an eye

Caleb Mosby
Sep 7 · 2 min read

musical lyrics

artwork from my music on soundcloud

When it’s just you and I

I want to tell you something really light

Something really nice

Something that can elevate your mind

So plug into my vibe, consider this a time spent right

Every word is a jab with my every might

as the beat waves in any direction like every kite

i hope you grasp the vision

understand my mission is to re-position every soul I

Encounter in this learning process called life

I don’t know everything but I know my wealth lies in what my knowledge is worth

So I protect my energy to a fault

I hope you do the same too. Protect your thoughts.

Self proclaim your desires if it’s not serving you at this moment and for the next couple years, serve it out your court.

Serve it out your court

Don’t be caught with rats and snakes taking pictures for clout

That’s a whole mix of a lot of tragic in disguise of digital magic

Know your worth

Don’t be bought

Also, don’t chase butts. Lol

Appreciate you and yours

The crown sits pretty on me but it’s also yours

Spread love, it’s free and not forced

I know the environment is polluting, it taketh peace by force

I know my country is a sea, dive in you can never be sure what you will see

I know our problems, but just like you all I can do is sit

Complain then preach, to ears that just hear

If I see Mr. President, I have one demand

Let’s play truth or dare

To be sincere let’s just dare. Lol

That’s just a good idea.

Cause there’s nothing that can save us

Except sodom comes and gomorrah-us.

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