Lexi Godlewski
Apr 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.

— Napoleon Hill

I was first introduced to the idea of a Mastermind Group in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. A Mastermind Group is a collaboration that’s built to encourage personal and professional growth amongst group members.

The basic philosophy of a Mastermind Group is that more is achieved in less time when multiple people work together.

A Mastermind Group gives likeminded people the opportunity to combine their energy for positive, forward movement. This happens through creating a space of truth, vulnerability, and support for each member in the group as well as providing collective brainstorming, solutions, connections, resources, and motivation.

Top historical thinkers such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison utilized Mastermind Groups to achieve their success. Even after reading Think and Grow Rich I continued to hear about the power of being apart of such a group and how it changed several influencers lives and careers.

I had never been apart of such a group nor did I know anyone that was in one.

Instead of waiting for the opportunity to arise, I decided to create my own Mastermind Group instead.

While Mastermind Groups can be formed around a variety of niches (such as entrepreneurship, for example) I wanted to form a group that focused on personal and professional growth.

I connected with people who I knew wanted to grow and evolve and without hesitation, they said yes- count them in! Then, through the power of a Mastermind, they connected with people who they knew wanted to grow and before you know it we had a group of 6 people from different industries, backgrounds, and ages getting together for forward movement.

In the first meeting alone, you could feel the hightened energy and excitement as we laid all of our ambitions, challenges, fears, and wins on the table. We all set intentions to complete between that meeting and our next and gained the accountability from our Mastermind Group to keep each other on track.

I’m excited about the benefits and support that come with the Mastermind Group and I can’t wait to see where it takes each of us.

If you’re interested in forming your own, below are some tips and tricks to get you started. If you’re ready for growth, I’d highly recommend making it happen.

Mastermind Group Tips & Tricks

  1. 5–6 people is ideal. If it’s any bigger, people’s needs go unmet. If it’s any smaller, there’s not enough collaboration and support.
  2. Meet in person or over the phone either every week or every other week based on your group’s preferences and goals.
  3. Connect with people who are at your level or more developed and ask them if they’d be interested in joining. This can be done through networking groups, LinkedIn, people already in your network, etc.
  4. Start each group meeting by asking for spiritual guidance to combine your energy as a group with the energy of higher powers to manifest your desires.
  5. In the initial meeting, take turns to familiarize each other with your current roles, situations, dreams, needs, challenges, and opportunities.
  6. In all meetings thereafter, assign each member a chunk of time to update the group on their progress as well as challenges and to ask for feedback, guidance, support, resources, etc.
  7. Have each group member make a commitment to stretch between this meeting and the next and keep each other accountable!
  8. End each meeting with every group member expressing gratitude for something they learned, someone in the group, or life in general!

Now’s your chance… are you going to wait or create the life of your dreams?

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Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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