How to Be Rich?

Or Die Trying

Deepa Pokharel
Oct 31 · 5 min read
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No, I don’t have the talent, I’m not good enough, it’s not my turn, I don’t know where to start, I’m not lucky, I give up …

If you think so, do not ask me why I wrote this article for you, because I also do not understand how the world is full of fit and talented people who do not develop the talents or gifts given to them.

I know people who:

  • live thinking about the future but are unable to act in the present,
  • blame others for their failures,
  • they want to change the world, but they can’t even change the conditions of their own lives,
  • They have ingenious ideas that can be worth millions, but they are too lazy to get off the couch.

Do you know them too?

I hope that today, after reading this article, you will make the most important financial decision of your life; since there is nothing wrong with you being a rich person, right?

Do not expect an immediate miracle that will make you earn millions, nor the secret formula of wealth because I don’t have it; putting the focus on money may take you away from your happiness and make you a mediocre person.

Besides, fast money translates into deception, doing jobs you don’t like, or doing wrong things to get it. I propose something better, that you be wise, prosperous, and free, in that order, so first focus on increasing your knowledge.

It is questioning how people who earn a minimum wage have the virtues necessary to have an abundant life. They are usually very hardworking and creative people, such as to move forward with their families with low income.

So … What differentiates a wealthy person from these people?

Simple: The mentality, the way to see money and manage it in your life.

“The lack of resources is usually transitory, but mental poverty can be eternal.” — Juan Diego Gomez

If you have low-income today, it is definitely you who decides if it will be like this for a lifetime.

Now I want to share with you some of my personal notes to achieve an abundant life:

  • Identify the myths and paradigms that limit your relationship with money. Then without thinking twice, send them directly to the dust bin.
  • Do what you love and make sure there is a market for that. If you follow your passion, so will your customers and the money will flow. The pleasure of doing what you love is worth more than power, money, and fame.
  • Think big, but focus on the basics. You already have the possibility to think, make sure it is big while taking small steps at the same time. Commit to yourself.
  • Prepare, Act, and Learn. You do not need to be an expert to start your business idea — practice and mistakes will make you better and better if you use them in your favor. Nor do you focus on looking for a super idea, or you will standstill. Take the first step, if you face a loss, recover immediately, learn from your mistakes, and move on.
  • Be creative. It’s not about making money. It’s about making a difference and turning your business into a reference for the rest. The key is to create something that people learn not to be able to live without, and the money will simply appear.
  • Be more productive. Learning to manage your time better is essential on your path to wealth.
  • Develop an economy of serving or helping others. The amount of money you earn will be directly proportional to the number of people you can help. It offers extraordinary service, and customers will thank you for buying and recommending you more.

The secret of life is to give, give much, give before receiving.

  • Make the most of new technologies. You are in the time of opportunities, today you can access any part of the world from a computer or mobile. Use technology wisely to leverage your ideas or clone virtually.
  • I love the sale. Develop a commercial spirit.
  • Stop complaining, use the complaints in your favor. Some people drown in a glass of water, while others drink the water and sell the glass. While some people cry, others see the opportunity to sell scarves. Meeting needs is the key, and where there are people who complain there is a need if you learn to identify them, you go one step further.

Take note: Coping with other people’s problems is the key to finding new opportunities.

  • Educate yourself financially. If you do not expand your knowledge, if you do not read and train your financial reality, it will be minimal. Growing your financial education means developing your vision to find new and better opportunities. Find a competent financial advisor.
  • Learn to live below your means. That is, spend less than you earn. If you buy things to appear to be rich, it is very likely that you never truly reach that status.
  • Force yourself to earn more. The first days of each month -separate a considerable part of your income to invest, the need to not have enough to reach the end of the month will lead you to look for new alternatives to obtain income. If you have everything measured and you never force yourself to anything, because nothing is missing, then you will never put yourself to the limit.
  • Decide today to be an investor. Discard the idea: “I have little money, I don’t need to learn to invest. Build on what you have now, start saving your money, then invest it wisely and finally diversify your income.

If you want to have what few have, you must be willing to do what few would.

When I talk to you about being wise, prosperous, and free, I encourage you to join a new social class, where people who use creativity and knowledge as a raw material meet, people have the focus not on money but to help and serve the majority.

This is your moment, so start working on yourself.

So … Is the problem of money or lack of information?

For now, remember:

Before speaking … Listen! Before writing … Think! Before criticizing… Examine! Before hurting… Feel! Before spending … Earn! Before giving up … Try!


It’s time to get up and say: -I’m going in this direction, follow me!

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

Deepa Pokharel

Written by

Professional Life Coach in Nepal. Inspiring with Self-help, Growth, Mind-Set Articles/Stories. (on the Internet)

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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