Balancing Our Health

One of the smartest priority’s I think we should be most focused on, in our post-addiction life is our overall Health. More specifically, Our Cardiovascular, Heart Health, as Heart Disease, is the number one killer here in America.

That’s a statistic for normal adults. One’s who’s report card for their past health, is probably better, then an ex addicts who are likely to be in a category of higher risk, just cause of all the extra garbage that has accompanied times in our lives.

Categories that should be the focus goals, when we are attempting to regain control of our health should encompass every corner.

Usually categories are something like this for overall health; getting your Nutrition under control, our Exercise, Sleep, and then, if deemed necessary, Medication as well.

When it comes to the first one, and seemingly most obvious normally, Nutrition, there are several things to consider. I found out for me, that when I got sober, one thing that returned ravenously was my appetite.

And my appetite didn’t wait around for the healthy food choices to show up. I learned a lot about not so much of dieting, as just learning the long term life changes that are more accommodating.

If we feel like we are forever on a diet, I believe that can be looked at Mentally as being restrictions. If you decide instead to just learn about healthy calories, empty calories, portion control, and then when to eat, you may start to see that you are actually eating plenty, and do not feel like you are punishing, or restricting yourself.

One big problem that can occur during active addiction, is vitamin deficiencies. Especially with alcohol abuse. Things like Vitamin B, C, and thiamine and folic acid are many times just throw out the window when we are actively suffering from conditions like the addictions.

Much of it, simply for the fact that we are maintaining completely awful diets, many times loaded foods like fried foods, or candy. The absolute worst of the worst.

What comes next, is another obvious, yet extremely vital, and that is Exercise. It really is the kind of thing that can be considered even in small to moderate amounts; especially if we just keep it consistent. Stamina, not even required.

Starting off small can do a lot for us mentally, because quite quickly, we begin to make huge strides of progress, with that progress molding our minds back into the kind of confident place that we all deserve to be mentally.

It is a wonderful way to relieve tension, and stress as well, and when it is part of an entire package of mental health, and physical health, we can just get to such a bright vision for our lives and who we are once again.

If you can’t do things like joining expensive gyms, or buying expensive machines, and weight sets, always remember, that there sure isn’t anything wrong with using tools that God gave us, and taking some nice walks.

So, let’s next get into many people’s personal favorite component of health, and that is Sleep. The cycles of sleep, and patterns are literally almost destroyed during any time periods of Alcoholism and Addiction.

It can be wrecked in so many different ways. For example, we end up needing drugs like Opiates, and Narcotic anxiety medications, to wind down at nighttime in order to sleep.

We may need them too, to wake up and get going in the mornings. Or the mornings may had required uppers. Those, being very notorious for throwing havoc into the sleep part of our mind and bodies.

It is very difficult to get back into healthy sleeping in a timely manner once we got clean. So, unfortunately, since we can’t afford several weeks of no sleep, we end up having to seek out help for insomnia, from a Doctor.

That will lead this piece to the final part of this article’s equation, which is Medication; those of which prescribed by Licensed MD Doctors.

I as a writer, and a man with a detailed past of mental health and addiction issues am very supportive of medication, as an important factor in the entire equation.

What that means is I think it can work great, and have remarkable results when utilized along with counseling and treatment, in both group settings, and as one on one therapy.

Very rarely do I think that Psych medications work as well, when the medicines are the only part of the treatment. That is only my opinion on the matter based on my own personal experiences.

Nothing I write here can ever take the place of professional advice from people like MD doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, social workers, etc etc.

Remember, our general health is really a whole bunch of separate building blocks, that can only work their best, when there is a clearly even level of balance. When you obtain that balance, the rewards can be wonderful.

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Michael Patanella

Michael Patanella


Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things.