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Not Happy With Your Life? Change It!!

Your parents or caregivers, siblings, and extended family are among the leading characters that greatly affect the script in your ME-MOVIE.

Dena G. Warfield
12 min readJun 18, 2019


What’s a Me-Movie?

We all know that movies are a sequential series of images and sounds that engage the viewers' imagination to tell a story or create a perceived experience. Every life is a story. Let’s turn our attention to the perceived experiences of our lives that I will call your ME-MOVIE.

According to the latest scientific evidence, your ME-MOVIE started production one week after conception. Although you rarely, actually view yourself in action, you are the main character in your ME-MOVIE. As you move through time, you record through your senses and your memory every experience you have.

There are a lot of supporting actors and actresses. Your parents or primary caregivers play a major role in your movie, as well as, siblings and extended family. The relationships and interactions among these leading characters greatly affect the script in your ME-MOVIE.

A recent survey conducted by Hart Research for ZERO TO THREE revealed that most parents are not aware of how deeply…



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