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Don’t Be Like Sam

“There is an unreported epidemic of negative self-talk in our culture today.” — Cynthia Kane

Dena G. Warfield
13 min readAug 18, 2019



According to Joseph J. Luciani Ph.D., worry is the incessant, ruminative speculation of what might go wrong-anticipation of chaos. Worry predicts that something will happen or go wrong (loss of control).

Worry gives the illusion of control for a person who suffers from insecurity or fears. “If I worry, I can anticipate what’s going to happen, and if I can be rehearsed and braced, then I’ll be less vulnerable.”

On the surface, you think that worrying is going to reduce your vulnerability by preparing you for what’s coming. You have it all figured out.

But, worry begets more worry, stress, and doubt. It doesn’t provide you with answers or solutions. Actually, it diminishes your ability to deal with the situation when and/or if it does arrive.

The following terms are characteristics of worry. It is:

Circular Thinking.
Destructive Thinking.
Anxiety, Stress, Panic.
Highly Emotional.
What-if Thinking.



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