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An Inventory Of Oneself

Balance in our lives is something that we should always continue to seek and re-seek at different intervals and chapters in which we live. I thought I had learned enough about finding balance, however, after recently studying some writings on seeking that kind of balance, I realized that there is never too much to learn on the topic. So, how do we seek balance?

Maybe we feel that we are already balanced.

Well, I’d think again if I was you.

Smart Recovery has a good lifestyle balance model in their curriculum, and I have gotten a lot of good self help out of it. One of the biggest pieces to that model tells us to take a personal inventory. And boy, that right there is quite the in-depth process for my life.

It has been a difficult process to do oftentimes, but I have to sit down, and analyze things like my drug addiction history and mental health history, and try to find any connections that there may be, to other parts of my life.

I learned that there are things out of balance at times that aren’t as big and reckless as addiction problems. Things like being lazy, procrastinating, and struggling to find that drive in life, all have appeared at times. That isn’t the end of the world. As long as I don’t ignore it. It’s about finding the solutions and reasons, behind shortcomings.

Do you really want to know whether or not a personal inventory is needed? Well, ask yourself about your honesty. They say that only God knows whether or not we’re either lying, or being dishonest, but they left out a second person; ourselves.

Unless we are totally delusional with narcissistic tendencies, then there’s a good chance we know whether or not we are liars. Lying to other people is certainly not a nice thing to do. But the real problems come when we constantly lie to ourselves. Be a big concerned if you begin to believe your own lies.

As we grow and mature, many of us become better at planning and being prepared for things that may lie ahead. We either leave behind that philosophy of being a free spirit, or we remain a free spirit, but in a way that’s adjusted in a way that will cease our adult lives from diving into immaturity, and irresponsibility.

Having a plan for myself, give me a stronger sense of security, and I also think it eliminates the chance for error. If we do walk into adversity, planning and preparing even on a general level, allows things to still work out, in ways that don’t find us disappointment.

As you will always hear me say, “never suffer in silence!” And that goes for every kind of scenario imaginable. Just like how I found and reached sobriety; I did it, by seeking, and utilizing the support out there. Whether it be family, friends, therapists, doctors, or fellow members of treatment and support groups. We cannot ride this journey alone.

I say this to mean, that my advice goes beyond those of is with an addiction history. When seeking help for anything and everything, getting healthy support, can be unparalleled in its quality and power.

This piece may come across as easy and basic. Just don’t let assumptions or pride get in the way of things. Most of us do not live our lives alone. So why should we seek the struggles alone?

This topic of personal journey and inventory takes us on a reminder course showing us and reminding us, of the good that’s been already surrounding us all alone.

Take your inventory today.

Michael Patanella

is a Trenton, New Jersey Author, Publisher, Columnist, Advocate, and Recovering Addict, covering topics of mental health, addiction, sobriety, mindfulness, self-help, faith, spirituality, Smart Recovery, social advocacy, and many other motivational topics. His articles, memoirs, and stories are geared towards being a voice for the voiceless. Helping others out there still struggling.




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Michael Patanella

Michael Patanella

Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things.

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