For Greatness You Must Prepare

For a long time, I found myself quite deep in the imposter syndrome. Never feeling that my achievements made me anyone special. Never feeling it a feat to be smug about. I always felt that anyone could achieve it if they put in the effort.

Just plain old effort, nothing extraordinary or mysterious. It was as simple as seeing what I wanted to do and doing what was necessary. If I needed to learn something new, I did. If I needed to adapt to an unfamiliar situation, I did. If I needed to let go of distractions, I did. Is this really so difficult?

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Every day, I walk around with feeling weighing on me. I don’t really mind it because it keeps me grounded. It keeps me working harder. It keeps me working to be better. Saving me from helpless awe-stricken moments in unfamiliarity. No longer overwhelming me because I know how to overcome it. I know how to let this feeling serve me and I keep it healthy by maintaining it every day. It’s a daily effort, a daily choice that is afforded to everyone. Anyone could change their life in an instant, even those who have lost all hope.

That is the beauty of uncertainty

Nothing is certain. But I cannot help sometimes getting lost in seeing the potential in others. Seeing the splendor that they could become. Seeing all that they could do with their lives and how they could change the lives of others. When the opportunity comes my way, I strike up a conversation hoping to broaden their perspective. Hoping they would see how simple the process actually is. Hoping to be satisfied. But as much as I say, as much as I do, the toughest part to accept is that

Some people just don’t want it

They don’t want to sit down and figure out what’s wrong with their life. They don’t want to put in the work to achieve tiny goals every day. They don’t want to train themselves to face the disguised opportunities that lead to greatness. They would rather complain about life. They would rather take things personally.

They would rather be someone else

By dwelling in their distaste they cannot see the greatness passing them by every day. Greatness disguised as obstacles. Obstacles that are ignored. Ignored because they distract the fairytale life that may never exist. How easy is it to say greatness instead of becoming it? Maybe that’s why greatness isn’t something that can be bought or inherited. It’s something that must be earned by people facing odds, facing resistance,

Facing life

I accept that I will always be a fool. A fool with a subtle hope that each person would follow their souls to the end of their lives. Hoping that they would grab onto the greatness that lies within their soul. Hope that burns brighter with each person that reached out and grabbed onto their greatness. They keep my faith and peace. And all they do is spend their lives fighting for something that they believe in, something that they desire. I cannot lose my hope because I am always inspired by people who have earned their homes in greatness…

I learn a lot from people. Through them, I see the potential of a person. Potential that I wish to explore for myself so that I can show others that this journey will be for every who will prepare for it. If you wish to follow your greatness, remember that,

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step” — Lao Tzu

The odds may seem overwhelming, your thoughts may flood your internal garden, but the journey always starts with a single step. A single choice to be better. A single action to quell your mental strain regardless of the unpredictable consequences. Tiny efforts every day to face the disguised opportunities testing every grain of your soul. This is all we ever need to do to find the greatness that we all seek, to find the peace that we all need…

Remember that,

If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”

I may not have known Joseph Campbell personally, but this quote found its place in me. Like him, many people have lived their lives. They have explored their own path and left behind their learnings along the way. We may find some use in their learnings. It may help us greatly in our time of need. But after we cross paths, we need to set out on our own. We need to follow our soul wherever it may lead because the awe we feel after may always be the only true indicator of greatness…

My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” — Rumi

Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash

A great life is preached by many but followed by few. Many would like to believe that greatness comes after the utterance, but only a few realize that it is an endless effort. An effort that discourages many because of its unexpected weight befalling them in their weakest moments. An effort that attracts only a few strange enough to forsake norms. Few who are brave enough to face the doubt. Few who chose to represent greatness before they present it. Taking a single step every day because deep down only a few taught themselves how to do this…

Invest In Your Existence, Kind Reader…



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