Have you heard of Nothing Time? Coronavirus may let you experience it again.

Not everything about isolation is scary

Leon Purton
Live Your Life On Purpose
8 min readMar 23, 2020

Our strongest bonds are made when we are doing nothing. We are our most creative when we are allowed to be idle. Our brains require nothing time.

There is something special about the moments that occur in nothing time. Not nothing as in no value, nothing as in nothing planned. Nothing happening. Nothing time.

They are the most important moments of your childhood, where your strongest bonds of friendship are formed. When you are all just hanging out, bored, and then some random conversation breaks out. One of your friends says something completely stupid and you all laugh. Years later, you and your high-school friends will still talk about that random moment.

It all happened in nothing time. There was nothing planned, no event happening. You were just sitting in a group and it happened.

With your children, it is the same. Those random couch conversations, or unusual questions before bed. Those moments of hilarity when you are out walking together. These are nothing time moments. And they are the most important. These are the opportunities for the small moments of imprint, they are the nurture part of generational evolution.

The hardest part of my Divorce, of being a part-time Dad, is missing nothing time with my kids.

However, one of the opportunities of the Coronavirus with the time spent by yourself, or with your families/housemates during restrictions and isolation, is the ability to spend time strengthening bonds.

It also allows you to spend more of your time allowing your mind to wander and your thoughts to drift. New ideas to come into focus. The space created by nothing time allows this.

Nothing time is a skill that seems to diminish as you grow older, but isolation may help us rediscover it.

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Nothing Time and Friendship



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