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How I use Youtube in an educational way

Why we use youtube mostly for entertainment?

I always used youtube as a platform for entertainment, most probably like you.
I still use it, to be honest, but much less!

Youtube is a giant platform with various categories and many times we consume plenty of hours on different types of videos. It’s not your fault (entirely), social networks and youtube has hundreds of “brains” behind the scenes, trying to figure out ways to get the consumer hooked to these platforms.

And they do this job very well.

After all, it's ok to relax on the sofa and consume random videos on youtube, that’s why entertainment exists…

Tell me if you can relate to this: you go to youtube to search a video, you find it, you watch it and…. you click another, you watch it, and… you click another one and watch it to… One hour passed by and you even didn't notice.

I admit that I wasted many hours of my life, and I say “wasted” because the type of content that I’ve watched, was basic entertainment.
At this point in my life, if the content doesn’t add me something to learn or give something to develop, I consider it to be a waste of time.

It seems like I am an extremist, but to prove that I am not, let me tell you a secret: Sometimes I still “get lost” on youtube.
In conclusion, entertainment content is good and required for the people, I am happy that exist! The problem is when a person spends a lot of time just on that.

When I’ve noticed that problem on myself, I started using youtube in another way.

Videos such as:

  1. Content that provides new skills or knowledge
  2. Content creators that inspire me with new ideas, thoughts or values
  3. Content with good filmmaking skills
  4. Content with a strong message behind

Now, just try to add your interests to this formula and you have a match!

Following these steps, I’ve managed to find really good content creators and good content in general! I believe I’ve taken a step forward in my personal growth by filtering my youtube videos.

It’s not always like this, of course. I still love to see the “ Best fails on live TV” or “Best cats vs dogs moments”, but seriously, Youtube its a huge platform and it has so much to offer. If you know how to select the most valuable content you can get so many advantages and you really can grow at a personal level!

I Just find out that you can see how many hours you spend on youtube a day or week… My number is 11 Hours/Week, I am curious to know yours!

Self-development is a constant activity that you need to exercise. Youtube is a great platform with billions of different videos. Being aware of the type of content that you watch is really important and can have a big impact in your self-development!

Thanks for reading!



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