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How Meditation Helps You

Parking Karma Is A Real Thing

Kishen Patel
Apr 7 · 6 min read

The mind & body connection is a super important thing.

To put it into tech terms:

  • mind = software
  • body = hardware

When you’re meditating you are essentially defragging your computer (body) — which is optimizing your hard drive (hardware).

Religion, self-help books & even podcasts (software) — are a few ways we download information & essentially operating systems to operate in our lives (mind).

Conversely — Instagram / Twitter / Facebook… etc are also a few ways we download information but this operating system function basically spits out a null/error/404 code causing loads of fucking stress.

If you’re stressed & over time your brain starts breaking down, you decrease your neuroplasticity, the corpus callosum thins, & you’re not able to act in accordance w/ whatever software you’ve been downloading.

We don’t get what we want in life, we get what we believe we deserve. The implementation of daily meditation practice increases your deserving power. I think deserve is a very important word. It ties so deeply into our own self-judgment. This idea that we don’t deserve things because we aren’t perfect. I got beef with the word perfect.

The self-judgment keeps us in the cycle of self-punishment & keeps us from the thing that we want because we are still punishing ourselves for doing something in the past; that makes it so that we didn’t deserve that thing we want. What a fucking ride.


Meditation is helping me to understand accepting —

Like i’m not perfect / I am fucked up / I do have this trauma / I was mean / I did that

& I am human / & I am enough / & I love myself / & I deserve happiness

Being able to accept that you can’t control what happens to you but you can control how it will affect you is major. A lot of times we get caught up in emotional reactions & those reactions can have dire consequences & loads of regret later. Something I am learning is to take a step back & evaluate the situation of what is happening & how it truly makes me feel.

Meditation is helping me get out of this martyr complex. You can only be a martyr if you’re dealing with limited resources. Meditation makes your shit limitless. It’s like taking the NZT pill & unlocking extra dimensions in your brain.

You’re able to tap into:

  • the source of energy
  • the source of love
  • the source of time

You could get into a heated argument w/ your s/o & it could suck you dry. It doesn’t even matter because 20 minutes later you’re going to meditate & fill yourself back up. You become more sensitive but less vulnerable.

Then you can go back & discuss shit like a level headed adult & hash things out. This is how a healthy relationship should function. Instead of running from confrontation, you’re taking it head on to discuss real shit. We are far too old & life is far too short to not try & fix things when all you have to do is communicate effectively.



Meditation is helping me open up to my creative side a lot more. I always used to draw as a kid & just make shit. Now I’m getting more in touch w/ that side of myself. Drawing / Writing / Sculpting / Painting / so many different ways to create dope shit for the world to see but mainly just to create.

Create for the sake of creating. If you’re making something to win an award or impress someone so you can feel validated, your work will always be shit. If you’re creating because it’s fun to create it’s waking up the internal divinity, you know God the “creator”.

We create to wake up our own internal divinity, & if you do that for the sake of doing it

You love for the sake of loving

You give for the sake of giving

Then it really doesn’t matter what happens on the other side. True altruism.

Physical Fitness

A personal trainer might tell you to focus on certain parts of your body while performing an exercise. They might touch a mid-point in your back or tap the middle part of your chest. What they are trying to do is increase your muscle/mind connection.

Meditation is allowing me to get more in touch with my body & central nervous system (CNS). Over the course of 2018, I lost 35 lbs & am now slowly gaining weight in muscle 1–1.5 lbs per month.

My somatotype would fall under the Ectomorph family. Ectomorphs have a hard time putting on muscle & I can second that shit fully. Learning about your body type can help so much in the progression of your fitness goals.

When meditating I am able to put my mind on hyper-focus towards certain parts of my body & I only recently attained this skill. This has helped while lifting because now I can recruit more muscle fibers to certain muscles & let my CNS work very efficiently in performing an exercise. More focus almost inherently = less chance of an injury occurring as well.


Get it how you live. Karma is something that most definitely manifests itself through meditation & mindfulness. Your energy/aura is real. You ever just get on an elevator w/ someone or get in a line at a coffee shop & you can feel the energy about someone next to you? That’s your aura interacting with theirs.

Meditating has taught me a lot about auras / energies / & chakras. A lot of this shit might just go over your head but let me shoot for a minute. You’ve got 7 chakras & each one is responsible for specific connections to your mind/body/spirit.

The more in tune & balanced you are with them the better your overall life will be. In addition to drinking hella water, keeping my chakras balanced has helped tons w/ my overall health.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering how to do all this hippie shit but really it’s different for everyone. I meditate & balance chakras while shooting free-throws while lifting while drawing, listening to music. You get into this zone & it allows you to reach your inner peace.

Having pure/honest energy & putting that out in the universe it tends to hand it back to you. In my case — I’ve noticed the universe responding w/ solid parking spots!

When I go to the gym after work there rarely used to be spots open. It was like déjà vu back to when you would have to follow a person to get their parking spot at the duck pond (boomer). Now I’ve noticed I’ll randomly get “lucky” & find a spot as soon as I pull up.

Maybe it’s luck, I like to think it’s Karma working its magic. Perspective.

5~4–3..2… that’s timing — —


I encourage you to try meditation in some sort of fashion. If you try to do the whole criss-cross applesauce & just can’t find yourself being still — guess what? Who cares?! You don’t have to be completely still & if your focus is on trying to be still that’s not conducive to the true purpose of meditation. Move around

Listen to Music


Folding laundry



These are all ways you can practice meditation & so many more, by focusing on the here & now. The immediate task at hand.

I do recommend trying the old fashion approach if only for 10 minutes a day. Those 10 minutes — all you have to do is focus on your breathing. One singular thought of inhaling & feeling all of that fresh air enter your lungs & exhaling letting out all the stress you carry in your life. Make it a daily practice. I hope this helps. Till next time readers. Stay wavyy.

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