How To Be Stupid

Rishav Sinha
Nov 16 · 4 min read

Don’t text and drive unless you want to…… well, you know what the outcome of texting and driving is.

There can be so much accomplished in life by any individual.

So many people want to be something they enjoy when he/she grows up. Most people around the world want to have kids, raise a family, and live gracefully together.

When a family member is stressed, another family member can come and make him/her feel better and happy again. All these happy moments and experiences can suddenly vanish into thin air because of texting and driving.

“Texting and driving” may not sound dangerous, but in reality, texting and driving are some of the most dangerous things a person can do.

Not only is texting and driving deadly and also affects other people that care about you, texting and driving negatively impacts other drivers on the road and cause financial burden/stress because of the costs of the legal actions that will take place.

Although other critics might argue against this, no matter what, texting while driving is certainly deadly and dangerous.

To start with, texting and driving is a deadly combination to get someone injured or even far worse, death. In 2009, according to Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting and driving make drivers 23 times more likely to get into a car accident. This proves that an individual could get him/her into a car crash, which can be fatal, by doing such a simple thing, texting, and driving.

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As per the DMV, nine people are killed every day just because of a distracted driver and more than 1000 people are injured every day because of the distracted drivers.

Keep in mind, all these people who get injured and killed every day just because of texting and driving, have families at home that will have to suffer because of a text message.

In 2018, the Department of Transportation came up with statistics stating that 3477 people died just because of texting while driving. As proven above, texting and driving is not smart and can take away a person’s life in a split of a second.

Stating the obvious, texting and driving is not only deadly it also comes with some serious expenses because of the legal actions that take place. According to the DMV, the penalties for texting while driving are hefty fines, prison time, license suspension, a rise in auto insurance rates, and etc.

It’s not worth it at all to text and drives knowing that it could be a financial burden. The company, Robert J. DeBry Associates, states that because of texting and driving, people will have to pay insurance costs, legal fees, and traffic fines. All these hefty costs add up and can get expensive.

Distracted driving such as texting and driving is just like asking for trouble and as stated above, a waste of hard-earned money.

Likewise, other individuals/critics may be against the fact that texting and driving are deadly and dangerous. They might argue that sometimes a text message can be an emergency or really important.

Although other critics might argue about this, the reality is that even though a text is important or an emergency, it can’t be more important than his/her life (the individual that is driving the car or any family members sitting in the car).

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However, if a text message is an emergency or really important that it can’t wait, the individual who is driving the vehicle, shouldn’t respond while driving, but instead, pull over and respond safely.

As per the DMV, an individual should pull over to the side of the road first to send a text message. Responding to text messages is important, but not as important as your life.

To sum it up, texting and driving are like asking for trouble and financial and emotional stress. A person who is always texting and driving are in high danger.

However, not only is texting and driving deadly and dangerous for the person who is texting and driving, it is deadly and can be catastrophic for the other drivers on the road. There are so many consequences that come with texting and driving.

Photo by Cristina Cerda on Unsplash

Family and friends will get emotionally and physically affected if one of their family members end up in a tragic accident because of texting and driving. If people never text and drive, there will be a plethora amount of fewer deaths around the world which means many more families and friends will live more peacefully and gracefully.

It’s not worth it to risk a precious life by doing something as simple as texting and driving.

Live Your Life On Purpose

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Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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