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I love writing lifestyle articles

Here’s why

The day is always better when I have notifications.

The mentions on Twitter, the likes on Instagram, FaceBook likes and comments all make me cheery on the inside.

How did this happen?

It all started with writing lifestyle articles. People are in love with learning more about themselves through a small piece of advice and it doesn’t have to be anything too deep.

When I’m writing about productivity, meaning, or even love my followers are in awe, my Medium notifications are filled with highlights, and I receive retweets. But, why write about lifestyle?

If you would have told me when I was first writing all the time three years ago that I would be addicted to writing lifestyle articles I would have laughed in your face. “Me? Lifestyle? Advice?”

I thought I was going to be only a fiction writer that makes monumental books for the culture. I had no clue that writing lifestyle would make my heart jump as much as it does. Honestly, I’m still intrigued with myself.

Yes, lifestyle.

Lifestyle is a genre that consists of so many elements. From praying to poetry to prose, it encapsulates all of my personal elements that also resonate with other people.

I guess you could say that people love to read what’s familiar to them and the things they can relate to. Building on more empathy through well-woven passages reels me into my work for hours on end and I don’t want to sleep at night.

At times, I have to walk away from articles and write new chapters in a novel. I’m that compelled to give someone a different perspective on their situation.

The odd thing about it is that I never have my own life figured out.

Typically, when I’m writing lifestyle I’m giving positive motivation that I, myself, would love to read. That’s even more powerful than writing in fictional characters.

Fiction can only do so much; it can give you a different point of view, but it can’t elevate you unless there are blatant messages within the novel that are purposefully written in.

A person can open a book and still walk away as the same person as they did when they started the first chapter unless your writing is phenomenal.

What’s more? I’ve received many messages from people that tell me my articles has helped them to grow or challenged their perspective. Knowing that my words had a direct influence on another’s life is greater than any gift that I could be given.

So, yes, I will write lifestyle most nights, even if I can’t seem further the plot of my novel. I don’t mind losing sleep in order to enhance the life another through my work.