Left vs Right Brain, Which One Are You?

Nicole Sudjono
May 4, 2019 · 6 min read

There are times that we are not sure who we are and the easiest way to find out is how we behave.

But we never question why do we behave like that? Anyone can have similar behaviors but their way of thinking is so different that we can’t help asking ourselves “what are we thinking?” or “why am I like this?”.

The main question in our head: “Who are we?”

I have a big interest in behaviors so I researched on this. I found that this may help you filter your talents in life, especially for your kids.

For those who have kids, please know that every child has their own talents. Art or Logic, they both have their own way to shine.

Let’s not do a Albert Einstein vs Michael Jackson kind of thing, they both have different talents, just like your kids. If you are denying the talents of your kids, you may as well call the fish dumb for not being able to climb a tree.

We start by knowing if they are an art or logic person.

Left or Right?

First, take a look at this picture below.

This picture was sent from a Whatsapp group of my community. The idea is that: If you see this shoe color is pink, you are an art person. But if you see it green, you are a logic person.

I had people telling me that they saw 2 different colors at different times. They saw both, which may mean that they can balance their left and right brain. However, they can mostly see one of those colors at the end of the day.

After determining what color you see, take a look at this picture.

So if you see a pink color on that shoe, then you are a right brain dominant. If you see green color, then you are a left brain dominant.

As seen above, each side of the brains has a different function. Our talent may either be most powerful in either one of those sides. I have not heard someone who has mastered them both.

It’s kind of like school teachers, they specialize in one subject. Schools are there to see which one are you most dominant. Unfortunately, they mostly admire the left brain dominant kids.

So how did I use this information as my advantage?

I see a pink shoe. So that means I am more of an art person. You put me in a math class I may only get an average grade. I like learning behaviors, interest in writing, reading, art, and music. I want to be free. I especially love talking to people.

This is because rules don’t fit us. Art is freedom. You take that freedom away, you may as well make us depressed to not do things our way.

A logical person is good with rules, that’s why they are amazing at following rules and theories. You see these people mostly in math or science classes.

So knowing this, I was already told by a psychologist that Management class may not be in my league. However, there are many job positions in this class. I know I like to be free and talking to people. So my future job must involve negotiating and meeting with people because that is my nature.

But there are times when we can exhalerate on both sides. So how do we know we can be placed in one job when we can also do others?

This may be difficult as well. I know someone who can do both art and math, and they are so good at those. However, we must find that gives you fulfillment in certain fields.

I have a friend who took IT as his major but later he moved to Sales. I asked what the hell was he thinking? In my culture, if you are a left brain dominant, you are appreciated the most. I am not sure in other countries, but this is how I have to cope.

What he told me was that Sales job gave him a satisfaction where he knew he was able to help people find what they need. There is a sense of purpose in life when he did that.

Finding your job fulfillment is the most important. You may be good at something, but will that release the feeling of “wake up, go to work, go home, repeat”? And the cycle goes on?

That was what Freddie Mercury was feeling when he was depressed. Yes, he is rich. So what? It’s “make album, release” cycle on and on and on for him. Until he sang for charities, that was when we saw his life determination. Help people with his music. He found fulfillment.

Here is another example:

Thomas McGreggor from Peter Rabbit

There is a scene from the 2018 movie Peter Rabbit where Thomas was asked by his crush what he missed on becoming a toy store employee in London.

He replied:

I miss being helpful. A parent or grandparent comes into this shop looking for a gift for the child they love. I ask a few simple questions and know exactly what they need. I love helping people get what they want. Especially when they don’t even know that they want it. Those are the best.

Now that is a job fulfillment. At the end of the movie, he still did sell toys again in another area and he lived happy.

There is a website called 16 personalities that helps you to see what kind of character are you. For me, at one point, I had Daenerys then the next time I took the test again, I got Tony Stark. Now that doesn’t mean I am a genius like him, but I only have his behavior and charisma.

It’s really interesting how the website tries to find characters that fit the way you behave. Note that even if they both are leaders, they have different ways of leading, you can check them out in here:

The Take….

Now it’s not easy to find the job that gives you satisfaction or fulfillment. Believe me, I am currently still looking as I work. That is why I must explore in certain fields.

You may be writing in Medium because it earns money. But what made you write? How did you end up with all these ideas that made you want to write instead of taking other jobs?

For me, one day, I want to write a book on self-development. I was never a writer in school days, in fact, I was an average kid in writing classes. I never thought I could do this. So how did I end up here?

I love when I get responses telling me that they learned something from what I wrote. This happened in college when I wrote something and presented it in class, there were the faces of people that they learned something so interesting that they can leave the class with something. That gave me the fulfillment to keep learning in class and today, I start with Medium.

I hope you too got something from here and that it will help you with your life.

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

Nicole Sudjono

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Combining Pop Culture & Self Developments into writing. For Business inquires ->IG: @sudniclau | FB & LinkedIn: Laurentia Nicole Sudjono

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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