People Who Live Without Dreams

The typical life of people who are living without a big dream

Vinod Sharma
Feb 15 · 6 min read

In this article, I want to share my observations for the people who don’t have big dreams and don’t know their passion.

Let’s start with the power of a clearly articulated dream. One that is your own and the one you know “why” you want it.

Power of Dreams

What is that one thing all inspiring writers have in common? They all suggest that you follow your dreams.

Paulo Coelho, Warren Greshes, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy have said in their books that when things get tough, your dream and passion will help you keep going. You have to believe in your dreams.

People who have passion for their dreams will go after them regardless of the challenges and obstacles they face. Their passion will keep them focused and on track. They will not get discouraged when faced with problems and will not get distracted by other shiny things they come across.

The Wright Brothers had “the dream of flight.” They faced tremendous challenges and competition, but their dream kept them going, and ultimately they achieved it and pioneered flight.

Thomas Edison had a dream. He tried 1,000+ different ways to illuminate the world, many of these ideas failed but he did not stop. In his tough times, his dream of creating a simple and inexpensive source of light motivated him to carry on.

People who yet to identify their dreams

The above section may be right for people who have identified their dreams, passion, and life purpose. But what about people who did not have any big dreams and have no idea about their life’s purpose?

People who are happy with what they have. People who are living a comfortable life. These people do not have many expectations other than honestly doing their job, spending time with their family and friends, and also enjoying their life by shopping, traveling, watching tv, movies, etc. This article talks about them.

Only 3% of people set their goals

Research has shown that only three percent of people set their goals, and only about one percent write them down. I am not saying that the other 97 percent of the population doesn’t have dreams, but for whatever reason, they do not take steps to make their dreams a reality.

People without Dreams

Every day, millions of people go to work, come back home, and then take care of their family and housework. Many of these people are living a busy and satisfactory life. They balance well between work, family, and friends (work-life balance). They are living their life.

They lose track of their childhood and college dreams. Personal dreams get suppressed by work and family responsibilities.

Our schooling system also creates a false sense of achievement. From our childhood, we go into a cycle of yearly progression from one class to another, from elementary to high school and then to the college. For most people, this cycle does not stop after completing education. They bring this psychology of gradual progression into their work life and expect that their career must grow year after year from junior to senior to a leadership position. Most people falsely mix their career aspirations with their dream. While they could be the same for a few people but not for all.

Another reason for not having dreams is — the unwillingness to pay the price. Dreams require sacrifice and not everyone is ready for it. Sacrificing time, efforts, money and most importantly other conflicting desires. People get scared when they evaluate what they will have to do to achieve their goal and also what they will have to give up.

“It is hard to imagine a life without any dreams,” said Dr. Richard Gilson. Dr. Gilson is a Professor Emeritus in the Psychology Department at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and has eleven (11) U.S. Patents.

In the absence of your dreams, it is easy to get influenced by the people around you. Society affects you by its criterion for what defines successful people. These standards could be expensive cars, luxury electronics, big houses, education from prestigious colleges, high position jobs, and so on.

When people live without dreams, this leaves them susceptible to the influence of the dreams of others. For these people, it can be easy to be distracted by “Keeping Up with the Joneses” and be attracted to every shiny thing they come across. When they find out that their neighbor got a new fancy car, they would want that for themself too. When they learn similar things about a new TV, a new phone, a new house, they would want that for themselves. When you continue to get upset for every new bit of news you hear, then it can drag you into an unhappy life.

I can give you 100s of such examples in which other people were trying to influence my desires, whether it is pushing me to get a certification, education, job, title, house, car, things around children, and so on.

But don’t conflate a dream with these things. A materialistic desire is not equivalent to a dream.

Dreams without a strong reason is a dream without passion

There is nothing wrong with being inspired by others, but adopting someone else’s dream as your dream could be problematic. The other person may have a strong reason for achieving that dream. You will not have a strong basis for you to achieve that goal.

Also, these are aspirations set for you by other people. There is no real meaning for you in this desire other than someone else wanted it. For someone else, a new bigger house could mean something different than it is for you — same thing with a fancy car. A fancy car means different things to different people. Some want it for speed; others may want it for fancy electrons. Again, there is no problem in wanting a villa or a $100,000 car, but the desire has to be your own and not because your colleague or neighbor bought one.

We feel pressured by other’s desires but deep down, we don’t actually want that thing. We start questioning whether or not we actually want what we think we do. These dreams and goals are distractions.

Without a strong reason for your dreams, you will not be able to develop a passion for achieving your dream. When you have a dream without passion, you will likely to quit when things get tough. You will start questioning your dream and begin justifying everything else you could be doing instead of working on your dream.

Power of Dreams

The power of dreams lies in your investment in achieving that dream, and dreams are at their best you have a strong reason “why you want it.” The stronger the reason, the stronger will be the chance to achieve your dream.

But once you have a clear understanding of what you want, then things change. When you have your dream, you do your best to achieve it. There is a saying from Zig Ziglar, you can get anything you want, but you cannot get everything.

Multiple reasons but one result

People could give hundreds of reasons and excuses on why they don’t have big dreams. Regardless of their intentions, the result will be the same. They will continue to live an ordinary life. They will miss the direction and clarity a dream can bring to their life.

These are people who have a good life, skills, education, and a good job or business. These are people who have all the resources and talent in the world to achieve the next big thing. But they will not be able to do so. Only for one reason, they do not know what they want in their life.

They will get attracted by shiny things they will come across. They will continue to get influenced by other people’s dreams. At best, they will be helping others in achieving their dreams.

Desire without any action can only upset you. Action without any desire can leave you frustrated, feeling like you are in a hamster wheel. And when you continue to get upset for every other news you hear, then it can drag you into an unhappy life.

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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