So Many Things You Need to Unlearn

The black hole dilemma

Photo by Jacob Granneman on Unsplash

We pick up so many things subconsciously, and these things define who we are and how far we go. It’s crazy how when I stay around people for a certain period; I pick up somethings they do.

It’s creepy, but that’s life. We’re like black holes that draw in everything.

But only we have the ability to see those things and reject them through unlearning. This is why self-reflection is important. Because when you can look into yourself and see all these patterns forming, dropping them becomes easier, compared to not noticing at all.

Again, not everyone knows how to take criticisms, and it’s bad. We have people around us who see parts of us we may not necessarily see ourselves. And when they point out these things, it’s important to make corrections and start trying to observe when you repeat it.

By now, you should know that building a thick skin is important because the world will throw so many things at you. And if you’re not strong enough, you’ll stagnate.

I read something Mark Manson said in one of his books, I can’t really remember the concept now, but it talks about people who get better in difficult situations.

This is who you should try to be because these are the winners. When you can use your bad situations as leverage to get better, you’re already halfway ahead of many people because not everyone has the power to do this. Many people today would rather blame someone or something and play the victim, which justifies their actions. And thus making them not work on those things.

I’ve gotten carried away. But my point is, there’s a lot to unlearn—your habits, mindsets, etc. But you need to easily take criticism and self-reflect to become a better version of yourself.



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