The Two Most Important Days In Life Are The Day You Born And The Day You Find Out Why!!

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” -Bishop T.D. Jakes

Do you feel lost in your life, as if something is missing? Does that make you wonder about the purpose of your life?

While it’s an easy question to ponder, we all have been guilty of contemplating over it at some point in our lives. Most of us remain clueless, lost in the world of grey, facing the struggles of adult life to figure out, “What do I want to do with my life”.

Even after we are done with school, have a job and family, we still try to define the true meaning of our lives. It becomes hard to keep going in life, without knowing the true purpose and why we are here. But there are few “lucky ones” who have decrypted this essential question to know what really matters.

But as impossible and time-consuming it may sound finding the answer to this question, it is not. The truth is that we already know the answer to it, or perhaps we have known it for ages because the answer is within us. And the answer is Energy.

As many great men and intellectuals have identified it, life is a powerful and unique gift. Whether you believe it as God’s creation or as science explains it, every form of life is miraculous. This life that bonds with other lives but also remains unique to oneself. While life is a great gift, an even greater form of a gift to humanity has been Energy.

By energy, I don’t mean what your body feels after you eat food or after you exercise, or after you have achieved success. The energy which I am talking about is what the Chinese describe as Chi, the one that is thought to be inherent in all things, the balance of negative and positive forms in the body.

It is the Energy that is at the core of your being that has been flowing within you since your birth that makes you unique. This is the energy that guides us each day to realize the purpose of our lives.

The easiest way to know whether you are fulfilling the purpose of life or not is by determining how painful and tiring your days are. If your answer is towards the higher end, then you are simply not living the purpose of your life. We are on this planet for an uncertain period of time during which we do certain things. Some might bring happiness to us, while others simply don’t seem that meaningful.

It is important for us to understand that each individual is designed in a way to fulfill a certain purpose in life. To do that, we must follow the path over which our Energy leads us. When you follow the path and go with the flow of energy, your life will seem smooth and effortless whereas when you go against it, everything seems unnecessarily difficult.

There are many things in life that will give you energy, no matter how little or more time you spend on them. These are the activities on which you must focus because they will lead you to fulfill the purpose of life.

Then there will be activities which unfortunately make a huge bunch, that regardless of how hard you try will simply drain out your energy. No matter the amount of effort you put in or optimize your planning, these activities simply bring you down.

What you need to understand here is that the activities that seem effortless as you align them with your energy are actually your strengths. You might feel that what you are doing is not very great because you can do it very easily, but there will be many others who won’t be able to do them as easily as you do. Doing what comes naturally to you will give you additional strength.

So does this mean we shouldn’t work hard or constantly train ourselves just because our energy will lead us to our destiny? Of course not. It simply means that the work you do should be reflective of your energy so that, when you work on the activities it will channel the energy back within you. So to find your purpose in life you simply need to undertake three steps.

Note The Activities That Give You More Energy In Life

Simply put, these are the activities that you can do all day long and still don’t get tired out. When you max out your efforts over these activities, it feels effortless and would, in fact, give you more energy to do them again and again.

In other words, it is the struggle or sacrifice that you are willing to tolerate because it is something about which you care. It is said that Isaac Newton’s mother had to regularly remind him to have his meals because he would always be absorbed in his work. So you need to list down such activities that will get you completely engrossed in them.

Note The Activities That Drain Out The Energy

Society tells us to do several things, but not everyone is good at them. Make a list of activities that are tiring and don’t get you excited at all. Be honest with yourself and stop pretending you like certain activities when you really hate them. Be brave enough to admit what you don’t like.

Comply With Your Energy

Once you have both the lists, you just need to start focusing on point 1 rather than activities listed in point 2. And once you are set with the activities that make you happy, give them your best. Even if you resonate with your energy’s flow, it does not mean that you will succeed. The only thing that it guarantees is that it will make you happy and will give you the purpose of life.

So don’t ignore that inner voice of yours that gets exhilarated when you do certain activities. Once you have aligned yourself with your Energy, your soul will attain the peace that will help you work efficiently over your beloved activities. Your purpose in life is to be You and not someone else, so give away your inhibitions and embrace your true self as the Energy leads you on your journey.

As always, let me know your thoughts on the topic. I’d love to hear your ideas and views in the comments below.

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