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The Storm
The Storm
Oct 21 · 3 min read

Do you ever feel you would like to experience so many things in your life, but you don’t know where to start?

Do you ever wish you could find time to attend that course or go on that journey?

Do different dreams and ideas come and go in your mind, but you have trouble in focusing on them?

That’s what used to happen to me. I used to feel there were so many things I wanted to do and places I wanted to explore, that I would never find the time to do it all in my life. With a full-time job, how could I travel to the USA, China, Australia, learn a third language and so on?

And somehow, I had the feeling I wanted to do everything immediately. If not immediately, in the short term. I kept feeling frustrated about not being able to accomplish my dreams.

Then I changed my perspective.

One day, I just realized I wanted to transform my dreams into reality.

But before transforming my dreams in reality, I had to form a clear idea of what my dreams were and what I would need to make them real.

Mixing a bit of strategy making and project management, I believe that 3 steps are essential if you want to start making your dreams real.

1. Write all your ideas in a notebook

First, have a notepad with you (on paper or on your phone). Every time you think you would really love to do something, write it down. In a few days, I had a list of places I wanted to visit, books I wanted to read and things I wanted to learn.

You can divide your list into groups if you’d like.

My first list was like this:

1. USA
2. Canada (Vancouver, Toronto)
3. China
4. San Galgano (a church in Tuscany)
5. Berlin
6. Edinburgh
7. Trans-Siberian Railway
8. New Zealand
9. Sweden, Norway, Finland
10. South America

And like this:

1. Finish reading On the road
2. Learn basic Chinese
3. Learn basic social media marketing
4. Read a book on History of Christianity

Do not worry if the lists apparently do not make sense, or if you just put all the world. It’s just the first step!

Writing down what you would like to do, learn or visit makes you visualize your dreams. Transforming them into objectives.

2. Make order

Good, now you have your objectives clear. It is time to make some order!

Writing down your objectives also gives you a first idea of the time you will need to make them work.

Sometimes, it is just about going to the library, buying a book and spending a few evenings reading. Or just traveling to a 1-hour distant place. Some others, you will need to plan ahead. You’ll realize that you can make your dreams come true only if you dedicate the time to really figure out how you are going to work them out.

So, split your list into separate sections.

For travels, for example, you could have something like:

Quick and easy / weekend visits
Medium term / 1–2 weeks
Long term / long planning and visit

You’ll immediately have an idea of what you can realize with a little effort and what takes more time, planning included.

3. Start planning!

Now you know what takes a short while to be done. You also know that you require some planning for certain objectives.

It’s pretty easy to take a chance one weekend and realize your “quick and easy” objectives. It will take a bit more time to turn medium and long term objectives into reality. This is why now you need to add some details to your medium and long term objectives.

How much time will you need? How much will it cost? How much time will it take for you to save that money? What alternatives can you find? When can you really start?

Basically, think about what resources you will need to make your objectives real. It’s not only about money, but it’s also about time as well.

Transform your dreams into objectives. Then your objectives into projects.

It will take some time. Sometimes, even years.

But it’s the only way to transform your dreams in reality.

The Storm

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The Storm

Post-doc researcher and gluten-free volunteer. Love the sense of belonging and walking outside my comfort zone.

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