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What if you were to die without meaning?

Who do you impact?

Death. None of us want to face it. We don’t talk about it. Our realities ignore it. But, it is an important phenomenon in our world. Without death, we wouldn’t be here and the globe would be very overcrowded.

I think we forget that the clock is ticking, the countdown has already begun from the time we were born. Nobody wants to write about this so I’ll take it upon myself to address the elephant in the room.

We all live our lives every day to do what Uncle Sam tells us. We pay our taxes, bills, and supply our needs as we come and go as we please. We don’t look to the next person to give us a handout and we do everything in our power to make the most out of our situations.

No two lives are the same but every life does end. Maybe, not in the same way, but in the same regard. Your heart stops beating, your brain dies, and you’re no longer here.

It doesn’t matter whether you were found on a bus, at home, in a hospital, or on a plane, the fact remains the same, you’re promised to die. Before you go, I want you to ask yourself, who have you impacted?

One of the greater reasons that I’m alive is to influence millions of people through my work. It doesn’t matter whether it’s through articles or books, I know that I was placed here to write something.

I’ll be gone just like you one day. It’ll be sad and you won’t even see it coming, the same way yours will be. It’s just a matter of what are we doing in the meantime?

In the meantime, we’re adding purpose to our lives with our talents and creative measures. The purpose that we’re giving to our days should be the reason that we go to work every morning.

Maybe, you have children and they’re your inspiration for doing most of what you do. Have you ever thought about telling them that it’s more to life than the daunting 9–5 routine? Nobody wants to get caught up in it.

I once read this amazing story about a good Samaritan that did everything right in his life. He woke up, made good grades, went to work, traveled, and then died, much like billions on this globe.

When he died he became another tombstone that people forgot about. It’s a morbid reality, but a very true one. One that can’t be ignored and is cold in its meaning. The only way to lighten this mood would be through seeing what he was like through the eyes of people that he impacted.

Do you realize that your existence can effect generations to come?

It’s so critical to remain conscious. Through consciousness, you’re able to reach people in a way that others can’t understand.

Most can’t even start to understand just what you’re doing when you begin to empathize with the unknown or create traditions that many after you will follow. You have to be ready to impact those near you, but more than that, millions after you. Are you ready to take on that responsibility?

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.

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Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion.