When Will You Realize That the Competition Is Between You and Yourself?

The hardest one yet

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

There’s so much competition among people, and it’s very stressful to look at. Because I see people missing out on all the amazing things they can be doing, but they’d rather compete.

Yes, at times, competing is good, but when it’s bad(I didn’t want to use toxic because that word has started to annoy me) is when you’re no longer focused on your development; rather, all you do is look at the next person’s moves.

What that does is it draws you back and makes you miss out on what you’re supposed to achieve. Because we all have something in us, we become our greatest selves when we tap into it. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it’s called self-actualization.

Not everyone gets to this point, but there’s a lot of change that happens when you do. You see it, and everyone else sees it too.

We’re on a journey to becoming our best selves. This is the point where we can be of great impact to everyone around us. This is when we can share that unique thing God has put inside of us. That is when you look deep into yourself to see what makes you unique.

But will you be able to get here if your entire focus is on someone else?

It’s basic but true.

When your focus is on other people, you’d have no time to look at yourself and truly develop.

So, stop trying to one-up the next person, rather compete with who you were previously.



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Tochukwu Evans Okoro

Tochukwu Evans Okoro

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