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Why the Best Revenge is NOT Money or Success…But This

Krystle Solomon
Dec 2, 2019 · 5 min read

You don’t think about the good ole days until your heart breaks.

You don’t think about needing a laugh until you can’t seem to smile.

You don’t think about revenge until you want to get it.


The socially and innately accepted feeling of obtaining a sweet victory over one's nemesis.

A power play.

Where it becomes more about running up the scoreboard than just simply scoring.

Where the oppressed become the oppressor.

Liberation theology at its best.

Why does revenge feel so good?

Why does the pursuit of it creep in so easily?

One word: pride.

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When pride kicks in so does the desire for revenge which is often found in these scenarios:

  • When an offense has just occurred
  • When a decision has caused a loss
  • When an injustice seems to go unpunished

At some point in our lives revenge, or the thought of it, takes center stage.

Even the most self-controlled of us fall prey to the multitude of thoughts on how we can make retribution.

The revenge is thoroughly pondered because not just any small-sized win will do.

But a win of epic proportions because only then will we feel a sense of closure.

A sense of universal justice.

There are, of course, a myriad of opinions surrounding this subject. Many of which support the pursuit of self-vindication by offering tips and strategies on what successful revenge looks like.

Take Beyoncé for example.


What’s an article in 2019 without mentioning this woman?

In her hit song Formation, she offers up what she feels is the best type of revenge.

Any takers?


No not loose-leaf spiral notebooks — but money.


She says the best revenge is your come up.

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While on the surface this seems like a novel idea to get behind. In reality, though, this solution is highly un-resolvent.

You see much like passion, success is fleeting.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

Additionally, external success is not a one-size-fits-all achievement.

Meaning, everyone can’t and won’t obtain success in a manner that is permanently elevating.

Thus, success is not a reliable foundation to build one’s overall disposition or strategic revenge.

If we waited to achieve success to get revenge at what point will we and can we say we’ve achieved it?

Even if one has arrived at the level of success they have worked for, at any given moment that position can and often is taken away from them.

For which they are no longer operating in a position of success.

Knowing this, how then can one truly seek after and rely on success to be the ultimate manifesto or fulfillment of revenge.

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In comes a more viable solution.

Something intangible.

Something that does not rely on the external circumstances to remain constant.

Something that requires no intense hustle, grind or demanding output.

Can you guess it?


A two-letter less word (than success) that gifts its takers with more.

That’s right more.

Less is more.

How so?

Peace, true inner peace, surpasses any external volatility. It also does not wait on a particular set of outcomes to fall in place.

Or stay there.

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Peace offers an even playing field because peace is obtainable for all.

Peace demands:

  • no extra zeros in a bank account
  • no new job title
  • no relationship status change
  • no rags to riches “how I” hero story

Peace simply is…..

The simplest most beautiful revenge one could ever take on their enemy.

What’s hilarious about peace is that it frustrates and confounds the accuser/offender.

They literally don’t know what to do with someone that approaches them with a recognizable peace that transcends the negative encounter.

A person's peace causes the offender to think deeply about what transpired and reflect on why they did what they did.

It also strangely causes the offender to immediately self-check and question why they don’t currently occupy the same inner peace like the one who was offended.

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  • Money
  • Success
  • Titles

Are all tangible.

Tangibility can be easily understood and, consequently, easily discarded.

Intangibility, however, often leaves room for mystery; which causes one to dig deeper and grasp for true understanding. This mysterious grasping can’t be easily sized, scaled or determined.

It also can’t be instantly discarded.

Which, by far, is a much sweeter place to be.

In addition to this, peace is the ultimate chess move, because it moves your pieces out of a checkmate situation.

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No longer does your opponent have control over your thoughts, moves and final outcome.

You now do.

And only you can decide on your next move.

That’s if you even want to move at all.

Because at this point you are at peace.

Not reacting to gain a frivolous pursuit of money or success. But succinctly planning to make decisions based on what truly matters to you.

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