Why You Should Live Alone in Your 20s

It’s an experience that hosts many others

Diana Bernardo
Live Your Life On Purpose
6 min readAug 17, 2020


Your 20s are your experimentation decade.

You should take risks, accept every challenge, take in as much of the world as you can. Every time you say yes to something new, you are one step closer to figuring out who you are and who you want to be.

But there is one experience that hosts many others. Something that provides countless opportunities for experimentation, and will show you who you are, more than anything else.

Living alone.

The Case Against It

Some people hate the idea and claim they would feel lonely. Others do it just to escape a flat shared with strangers who refuse to clean more than once every six months. Some others, like me, have tried it and refuse to go back to any other living scenario at any time soon.

Sure, the way you feel about living alone depends on your personality and past experiences. The case against it is valid: it might get lonely, you will probably be alone if there is an emergency, and you will have all the responsibility on you. But are these reasons so strong that they should demotivate you?

Living alone doesn’t mean being lonely. It means that you have more control over who you spend your time with. You can still invite friends and family over, and you can spend most of your free time out and about in the city. Yet, you keep the freedom to choose to spend time in your own company. And how important that is!

Having lived alone for the past few years, I assure you: the emergency situation is, by far, the trickiest one. It is scary to feel unwell and not have anybody around you. But let’s be honest: even if you live with someone, that person will not be there 24/7. More importantly, living alone doesn’t mean you don’t have a social circle to rely on. Ideally, your family and friends are only a phone call away and can get to you quickly if you need their support.

The Serious Case for Trying It

The responsibility con we mentioned above is also one of the strongest pro’s for why you should live alone.