Why You Struggle To Follow Your Intuition & How It Hurts You

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” (Steve Jobs)
Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash

Intuition is a powerful an awe inspiring thing that we have available to us as human beings.

The definitions of intuition are the following:

The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reason

A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning

Notice, in these definitions, the subconscious is in the driver’s seat when it comes to intuition.

Why is intuition so powerful?

Intuition really gathers all of its power from the subconscious mind. Our conscious mind’s can only handle so much information at once — it starts to break down when two people are trying to have a conversation with you at once.

The subconscious mind has the ability to take in a much larger quantity of information than the conscious mind and this is where the power of intuition shines.

Intuition has the ability to take in an overwhelming amount of information within the environment and package it in the form of a gut feeling or hunch. This is amazing when we start to ponder on this ability that we have within our grasp.

Keep this in mind: Intuition must be cultivated and it is a skill in itself to be able to cultivate it and actually hear it. It is also another thing to follow it and take action on what is felt.

Why do most people struggle with following their intuition?

The majority of people struggle with following their intuition for a number of reasons:

Firstly, most people can’t hear their intuition

The majority of people are distracted by sex, drugs, entertainment, so on and so forth and this prevents them from even hearing their intuition. They have become so saturated with things that are distracting that they cannot connect with the deeper parts of themselves which often creates a sense of frustration and a lack of meaningful progress.

Secondly, most people don’t even know of intuition or its power

For many people, intuition sounds like a new age concept that has no real substance within the domain of reality. This is completely false and the perspective of someone who is completely detached from their intuitive side.

Intuition, if developed properly, can become the very driving force of an individuals life and it can create an extremely high quality living that is deeply immersed in meaning and passion.

Thirdly, we have become a culture saturated with logic

Our Western culture values logic very much and there’s nothing wrong with that. Logic has immense value to it, but the problem arises when we become creatures that exclusively focus on logic. We are both creatures of intuition and logic and if we can synergize the two then that’s where the greatest results reside.

Logic without intuition leads to an imbalance and vice versa. Strike the balance between the two because both have value.

Fourthly, we fail to study history

An understanding of the historical perspective when it comes to the lives of others will easily show us that intuition plays an immense role in the creation of a powerful and meaningful life.

Steve Jobs, Lionel Messi, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, so on and so forth have all been powerfully impacted by the role of intuition within their own lives. these people went on to change the world as well which shows us that intuition is nothing to ignore.

Fifthly, society peer pressures us out of intuition

Our friends, family, coworkers, so on and so forth all actively fight against the use of intuition for the most part.

This partly comes down to Western society and it’s hyper focused intent on logic and it also mainly comes down to the fact that we don’t use our intuition. Intuition is looked at as something that hippies rave about but very few people see the practical value or reality when it comes to what intuition is all about.

Below, we will discuss how we can more easily get in touch with our intuitive side and take advantage of this power that we inherently carry.

How To Follow Your Intuition

A number of things go into our ability to listen to and follow our intuition:

High Quality Food

There is no way that we can consistently follow our intuition if we are consuming low quality food. We will feel sick, tired, lethargic, moody, so on and so forth because of this low quality food.

We must consume high quality and nutrient dense foods.

High Quality Sleep

The same applies for sleep. There is no way that we’ll be able to follow our intuition or even hear it if we are sleep deprived.

Mindfulness Meditation

In my experience, mindfulness meditation has allowed me to strengthen my ability to hear my intuition or at least remove all of the distractions that keep it at bay such as thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Mindfulness meditation of any kind clears up space in our mental landscape so that we can allow intuition to work its magic and bubble up to the surface of the subconscious mind.


Hobbies are a great tool to get in touch with our intuitive side because we thoroughly enjoy them and lose ourselves within them. We feel flow in our hobbies whether that involves writing, painting, sports, so on and so forth.

Hobbies act in the same way that mindfulness meditation does because it leaves that open space for the mind to wander creatively.

Get involved in any lost hobbies that you had when you were younger or get immersed into new ones. Either way, lose yourself in the process of your hobby and watch your intuition flourish.

Surround Yourself With Those Who Follow Intuition

One way to get in touch with your intuitive side is to surround yourself with others who are immersed within theirs. They will open up a new perspective for you and allow you to follow the same signs that they follow to get to your muse.


Become in touch with your intuitive side because your mental, physical, and spiritual health depend on it. You cannot live a high quality life if you are living from a place of exclusive ego or exclusive logic.

Follow your curiosity and let go to the transcendent muse.