You have to rise and shine

A vibrant life isn’t just about being happy all the time, it’s about creating a lifestyle that others will flock to.

You want to attract as many people as possible by being on an amazing sleep regimen. Your rest is so important, without it you can’t function at your best and your mind will be all over the place. You have to rise and shine.

Rising and shining is not just a saying. It’s a lifestyle. When you decide to get sleep at a decent hour then you can wake up at a time that’s optimal for you and get so much done throughout the day. Your productivity is important. Without it, you may fall into depression or spiral out of control.

In the morning, you should create a healthy routine. Start your day two hours earlier than when you need to leave so that you can have control over the energies you encounter at your place of work or while running errands.

By starting earlier than usual you’ll have time to meditate, eat, or even drink some tea. Your digestive system will reward you and you’ll be ready to take on tasks that you never thought you could handle.

The secret here is to begin the process of making sure your energy is flowing for the entire day. Some people love to hit the gym in the morning and it helps their movement as they tackle tasks. You should want to create your morning routine based off of what your intent is for the day.

Sometimes, I don’t wait to start working, I pick up my laptop and begin to write because I want a productive day filled with many articles. This line of thinking has caused me to realize that the morning is important when it comes to setting the tone.

Through morning mantras, meditation, and intent you can evolve into the person that you want to be. If you take your time to study yourself and observe your environment you’re more likely to listen to your inner guide that tells you where you should go or how you should live.

It never lies.

There’s always some kind of truth to intuitive feelings. At times, we block this voice because we overcrowd ourselves with what we want to do, not what we should. In order to keep ourselves centered, it’s best to start the day with just being quiet and creating the intent that we want to have.

This can impact us in more ways than one. If we do this the right way, we can find ourselves living in a state of flow, not a state of “go.” Just because you’re going doesn’t mean that you’re doing. You may be “going” and not “doing” enough.