You Just Need One Advice to Improve Your Writing

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

— Louis L’Amour

Who doesn’t like to hear new advice that can make them a better writer? We rush to anyone who would give us insights that would make us better writers — I’m guilty of this, but I’ve let that, out of all the advice on the internet, just one can truly help you improve your writing.

I have read many suggestions on how to become a better writer, but the one that has stuck with me and has been most helpful is writing every day.

Nothing beats writing every day. Even on some days when you don’t feel like writing, you have to make it compulsory to write. The same way you have to brush your teeth and shower every day should be the same way you write every day.

“Be a writer who writes.”

8 ways writing every day can benefit you

The obvious benefit of writing every day is that you become a better writer. But I’m going to go a bit deeper to show you how it would make your writing better

Less Struggle with Writer’s Block

There were some days I woke up feeling unmotivated and lacked ideas to put down. The thought of writing just felt like work. I’d spend hours turning my laptop off and on because the motivation to write wasn’t there. I found it difficult to enter the flow.

I won’t say it has gone entirely because that would be a lie. But it has reduced drastically. I’ve learned now that If you rely on your feelings and your moods before you start writing, you won’t go far.

Making writing every day a necessity is the easiest way to get over writer’s block. The funny thing about it is, once you start writing, the motivation would come. A trick is to pick a particular time during the day that works best for you and focus on putting something down — every day.

You get better at Expressing Yourself

Writing is all about expressing yourself. The more you write, the more comfortable you become, expressing yourself. And the better you become at expressing yourself, the better you’ll be at making your readers connect with you.

Somehow, it helps you become more articulate in person. You might not talk too much, but when you speak, you’ll be understood. That’s why good writers make good speakers.

Your Memory Gets Better

Coming up with examples and references while you write is critical to getting your readers to understand your message. If you’re unable to produce these examples and experiences, you will struggle with connecting with your audience.

As a writer, your work is to create mental images for your readers through your words. You can only get better at it through a consistent effort from writing every day.

It helps to market you

There’s no better way for people to know what you do than showing them. When potential clients come across your work, once or twice, they would want to see more. Having new content daily helps you to land more writing gigs.

You would also build an audience faster. Your audience is your asset, and the more you write, the more your asset increases.

Ideas come easily

One thing you struggle with when creating content under your name is coming up with ideas. It can cause you so much stress to search for a topic without a plan. But the more you do it, the easier coming up with these ideas get.

You can be writing an article, and in the middle of it, an idea for another article would pop up in your head. This won’t happen if you don’t write.

It makes you Persuasive

Writers try to see things from their audience’s perspective, and this is an essential tool to getting your readers to see things your way.

To make people see things your way, you have to see things their way first

We write to get our audience to see things our way. But you cannot get someone to see things your way if you don’t understand where they are coming from. Understanding your audience when using your article to suit their needs only comes through practice.

Being Persuasive is what copywriting is all about. So in order words, writing every day helps you become a better copywriter.

You become a better thinker

90% of writing happens in the head. Your hands just do the work. When you write, you train your mind to work faster and better. You can bring ideas from different sources and make it easy for your audience to understand.

It builds your Discipline

It’s truly a battle to write every day. But when you can force yourself to write every day, you benefit more than just the writing. You develop Discipline.

Discipline is an essential factor that helps you achieve your goals and become successful. You would easily commit to writing tasks given to you by your clients or bosses without missing your deadlines.

Your life would surely change positively if you can stick to writing every day.

Steps to take to make writing every day easy

To make writing a habit, you can try these out;

· Set a time of the day to write

· Start a blog or a newsletter

· Write in a distraction-free area

· Start small — It can be as little as 200 words daily.

· Set reminders on your phone

· Stop worrying about it being perfect. Focus on expressing yourself



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