Your Purpose Starts With What You’re Good At

Going through the trial and error phase

Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

Your purpose starts with what you’re good at. Because you cannot thrive with something, you don’t know.

Finding what you’re good at could be easy — if you’re ready to search for it. But in the process, you’ll find out things you’re not so good at.

It’s the frustrating but highly beneficial trial and error phase that we all have to go through.

I see no reason why you should go through that phase and still jump on something else because you’re seeing everyone else making money from it.

If that’s your inspiration, you’ll keep struggling. And one thing you should understand is you cannot fulfill your purpose by doing something you hate or are not actually good at.

Because the love of it is actually what will keep you going in the long run. Not money. Because if money is your inspiration, what will happen when you have slow months? Will you quit and do something else? And go through the frustrating loops?

Find something you’re good at and stick to it because it’s in the long run, you start to enjoy the major benefits.

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