Do you believe in numerology?

8 months back if you would have asked me the same question my answer would have been a big fat NO. I like to believe in something only if it is backed up with a good amount of evidence and logic. When I experienced the amazing effects of Numerology and did my research, I was convinced that numerology can be used to bring desirable changes in your life.

I am Kabir, 30 years old man with big dreams. 8 months back I resigned from my long-term job because it was no longer fulfilling or serving any purpose. I had learned everything that the company had to offer and when I saw no scope of promotion, I decided that it would be best to switch paths. After I packed my things a sudden realization hit me- What next? I had been spontaneous enough to leave my secure job but had I been practical enough to plan ahead?

3 months passed by and I could not wrap my head around anything at all. I felt confused, lost, and stupid. There were nights when I would stay awake and overthink every decision I had made in my entire life. My parents were a witness to my growing misery and meaningless life.

One day over breakfast my father casually mentioned if I would be interested in seeing a Numerologist who could provide effective guidance and give me some sense of direction. My father and I, share a difficult relationship. His values towards life and his beliefs about this world completely contradict mine, and naturally, we always lock horns every time we manage to communicate with each other.

Instinctively I reacted in a negative manner. I did not even bother to give his suggestion a second thought. How in world a Numerologist can help me get my life together! However, I found myself contemplating the idea. The entire afternoon I spent researching about Numerology and I was shocked to read that it has its basis in science and logic. I read many success stories and called up a few people who had consulted a Numerologist. What I gathered from my research is that the success rate of Numerology is 70:30. Moreover, one cannot solely rely on the analysis of numbers. Your actions, sensibility, and hard work play a role too.

When I was satisfied with my research, I decided to book an appointment with an expert Numerologist (Naturally I did my research on her too).

My first consultation was surprisingly fruitful. She was very thorough and on point with her analysis. She gave me a reasonable explanation and suggested a few changes in my signature. She even guided me about dates and times that will work for me and if possible I should maximize my opportunities around those dates.

I started implementing these changes in my life. She asked me to keep an open mind and build up my belief more and more each day. I actually started seeing positive changes in my life! I gained clarity about what I wanted to do in my life, and once I was clear in my head, I even received opportunities that aligned with my goals. It was really amazing to see how her guidance was proving effective in my life.

So, yes. I believe in Numerology because of the personal experience I had. However, I would really like to emphasize that although I believe in Numerology, I do not obsess over it. It is highly important to remember that these things serve only as a guide to achieving your dreams, but whether you achieve your dreams or not majorly depends on you.

And the best thing that came out of this is that my relationship with my father has improved remarkably. He never expressed it to me but I could sense the happiness and pride he felt in knowing that I had followed his advice.

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