How the Movie “Wanted” Made Me Want To Get My Sh*t Together and How I Plan To Start

You ever watch a movie that was so absurdly bad ass that it made you rethink your whole existence? “Wanted” just did that for me.

“Wanted” is a movie about an accountant played by James McAvoy who leads a boring hum drum life where he suffers from anxiety (and takes meds for it), deals with a crappy boss who wields a red stapler that she uses to intimidate him at all costs by clicking it in his ear, and has a girlfriend who loathes him and is also sleeping with his best friend and coworker, played by Chris Pratt.

That is, until one day, when an assassin, played by Angelina Jolie steps into his life and turns it upside down which leads him to being recruited to join a clan of assassins called The Fraternity because his father used to be a part of them. There’s more to it than that but that’s enough from the movie to really emphasize why it resonated with me.

Overnight, he goes from a loser to a BAMF, not because he did something spectacular but because an event occurred that caused him to see everything in his life differently. He’s involved in an outrageous shootout and car chase between Angelina’s character and another character who is after him (the person’s identity is central to the plot but not this post). Now I’ve seen this movie a few times before but it’s funny how things hit you differently on different days and today this one spoke right to me.

But you know what was the REAL catalyst to him becoming a bad ass? He found a purpose. Regardless of his chosen purpose, which was to be an assassin, he found something that made him want to be something more than he was. He was meandering around life, thriving in mediocrity until he found a place where he could thrive.

Watching that, it made me think, damn…I need to get my sh*t together. I want to feel that. I want to walk with that confidence in my step.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m a loser. I’m engaged to a beautiful woman whom I love and who I can’t wait to marry but as far as my personal story, I don’t think I’m winning but that’s, ultimately, my fault.

Change doesn’t begin until you take responsibility for your life. Responsibility is not the same as blame. Blame is pointless because regardless of whose fault it is, the situation is still the situation. Taking responsibility is accepting that and allowing yourself to take action to resolve it.

I’ve allowed mediocrity to overtake me because I allowed other things to distract me. I’ve let instant gratification keep from pursuing bigger things. I’ve forgone the great for the good. The beginning of that resolve begins with deciding my “why”.

What is my “why”? God doesn’t want me to be mediocre. I don’t deserve mediocre and neither do the people I love.

It’s that simple. So how does unleashing the chains of mediocrity begin? It starts with killing old habits and replacing them with new ones. My purpose is to be a better me because my God wants me to be and so the people around me can get the best ME that they can get.

Old Habits to Break:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Sugar Addiction
  3. Inconsistent Workouts
  4. Inconsistent Prayer Life
  5. Not Engaging My Brain Enough

New Habits to Forge:

  1. SMART Goals and Priorities
  2. Pursuing a Ketogenic Diet
  3. Committing to at least 15 Minutes of Activity Daily
  4. Starting Each Day with Prayer and Meditation FIRST THING
  5. Committing to Reading a Book 20–30 Minutes a Day

That’s enough for now. Don’t want to get overwhelmed and as a chronic procrastinator, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and that leads to inaction QUICK. I may not become an assassin but I can become a bad ass, little by little.

Will you take this journey with me? Hit the heart button down below and pass this on.